I am living in this remote, peaceful little village at the Irish west coast.
And I am just back home from visiting my dear neighbor Maura who is staying in her car, surrounded by supporters and police, outside the gate of the corrib gas project.
She is on day 9 of a hunger strike!
She loves her homeland and has vowed to protect it with her life.
This is happening right here, on my doorstep.
And I want you all to know about it.
The pipeline Shell is planning to build is posing an extremly high risk to this land and it’s people.
Please see http://www.corribsos.com/index.php?id=1969

I am deeply moved by Maura’s deep love and her courage.
She and most of the rest of the local community have managed to stall this project for a number of years already.
Which is so amazing, Shell has definitly underestimated the guts, intelligence and deep sense of place of the people of this remote stretch of land…

And they / we need all the support we can get.
Please spread the word and write an email to the captain of the solitaire and whoever you might find relevant.

We are all just simple people wanting to protect our land.

In 2005, 5 local farmers, simple salt-of-the-earth-guys went to prison when they stood their ground.

My intention in writing this post is to save Maura’s life.

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Comment by Bill Wigram on December 14, 2008 at 1:51am
Dear Doris, I've just seen this, and I am so awed by the courage of Maura and others like her. In my younger years women of the world blockaded nuclear air bases in England and suffered terrible abuse from nearly everyone, and I was so impressed with their courage too. Courage comes from a strong heart, and women are more easily in their hearts than western men, and many eastern men too.

I noticed the dates too, 18 December you wrote to help save Maura's life, and you did so well!

19-21 September this year, I was in Nyack NY leading a small workshop called "The Place of Creation" (the dream of God from which we come) and taking them into learning to receive love in order that we could then move into the path of being love, becoming love. Those first two days were really tough ones, and so many western women, and eastern too, struggle to receive love, being brought up to be the givers of love they don't feel that receiving is what it is about. But we went through that, and created a deep and holy space of love on 21 September, the Day of World Peace too, and the day Maura could relax again.

The prayers of so many people will have flowed to her in those days, Maura is a hero, and maybe in those days she opened her heart and received the love of all who love her, and in doing so she kept keep herself strong in life, and the love of the universe flowed through her, and she became in that moment invincible.

With love and best wishes from Bill
Comment by Doris on September 21, 2008 at 9:05pm
Good news!
The vessel that had intended to lay the pipeline has left Irish waters and Maura has called off the hunger-strike.

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