For International Day Of Peace :
I have made peace signs & doves and I am going into my community to talk to the people that live in this town about this very special day.
I plan on taking paper,scissors,markers & glue and having the people I meet draw me a "Hand for Peace".On their hand I will ask them to write about their thoughs and feelings about peace.They will decorate their hand any way they wish. My goal is to collect as many hands made by all friends & family as possible to display in my community next year.If any one is willing to make a hand for peace & mail it to me it would be greatly appreciated!Write me an email for more information & my mailing address.
Thanks everyone!
Don't forget to light a blue candle for Peace today and ever night @ 9:00 p.m.!
Have a joyous PEACE Day!
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Comment by jimmsfairytales0com on September 18, 2009 at 3:25pm
Dear PeaceDreamer,
Your dream is beautiful! I'm going to steal your idea of the hands for use in Barcelona, Spain (for The World March for Peace and NonViolence)

And I might try it in London on Peace Day...

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