I want to release some anger about the media lately, while Sweden "enjoys" its season of hunting (bears, mooses etc.).

I do tolerate that some people do this for food, or for the pleasure of nature (even though I must say its violating it a bit) or whatever. But the way some news papers expose the pain of these poor animals is insane.

At the end of summer, our local paper had two or three pages full of private fishers and their (dead) fish. It was in a competition-mood, "who got the biggest" sort of attitude. This didn't bother me the first day, because I do eat fish myself. But it went on day after day...

Then one evening when I went over to our petrol station to buy flour or something, on the front door was these ads for the national evening paper: a huge picture of a bear, lying on the ground in blood and a big hole in its head. The text under congratulated the lucky shooter.

And the other day, inanother local paper, they had two half pages full of pictures of murdered animals. And a romantic fotograph (or TWO, actually) picturing a rifle in a sunset, lying on a rock in the forest. Then a couple of photos of the dead bear again, lying flat on its stomach with blood and sores.They had also put a stick in his mouth, like they do with pigs at Christmas.

And then the "sweet" picture of a hunter and his small daughter, next to a moose mother (dead) and its dead little child, the text in the paper also congratulated these people.

In my eyes this behaviour is very immature and absolutely not modern enough for the year 2008. To expose the thrill of killing, it belongs better in the Dark middle ages, when man could not tame the environment and therefore he had to kill her (the beast). I cannot understand this.

And when I was cycling home friday night, breathing in the autumn air and the colors, I hoped for a second to see a moose.- But they wouldn't dare showing themselves. They must be terrified?!

Wouldn't it be more fair play if the shooting was allowed only in certain areas, but all year around?

I feel so upset about this, how we treat animals.

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Comment by s <3 on August 20, 2009 at 11:15am
Hi Erika

I had forgotten that I had posted on your blog, sorry for not replying to you sooner.

I feel like you do about plants too, trees especially, I cannot bear to see them cut down, but as you say we have to eat. Fruits that fall of the plants and trees are a different thing.

I used to think it was kinder for an animal to be killed unexpectedly whilst going about it's daily life, one minute alive and the next dead, far kinder than going through the slaughterhouse system, which is terrible. Not that I agree with any animal being killed, just that if there are those who wish to eat flesh I thought that would be a more humane way. But I have different thoughts now, all those animals in the woods are part of a family, I see it where I live with the pheasants that my daughter has befriended, also the deer that we see in the family groups, for one of their family to be killed must be awful for them.
Comment by erika on April 10, 2009 at 9:29pm
I must say the borders are very floaty.
At one stage I could not eat a vegetable because I imagine they had the same sorts of feelings as we. But one must eat to survive.

So hunting is all right, when you live in the environment, among them, and you're just another hunting animal.

Even with plants, I think one should be careful so spirits are not killed, they seem to have a different awareness. One that is not embodied in the plant itself as much as with "lower" species. I enjoy eating fruit, because there is not might fight in the tree to let go of the banana. But we should, in natural conditions, spread the seeds with our shit. Like birds and animals do.

Sometimes I miss gnawing on a dry piece of meat. Or a piece of leather.
Comment by s <3 on April 10, 2009 at 1:31pm
In my view hunting is wrong, but also taking anythings life to feed yourself is also wrong. We can all have a very healthy diet without the need for any creature to die.

A certain type of person hunts for sport, I believe humans have even hunted humans for sport in the past. Others hunt for food and kill only what they intend to eat, and they usually have the skills to kill quickly and cleanly, unlike the pleasure hunters who often injure their pray and inflict a long and painful death on them.
Comment by Leah D (Pixie) on February 24, 2009 at 5:10pm

Thank You for writing this Erica! I'm with you on this my Sister...Sugar Bouche my FB & iPeace friend writes many blogs on animal rights/abuses..Love to You xx
Comment by Fernando on January 9, 2009 at 1:03pm
Are the media manipulating us to prevent us from growing? It's a crime and with all crimes we must ask - who benefits from it?
Sadly, It's the same with bull fights (the accurate name would be bull torture) is many countrys with spanish culture, and in some degree still in my own country, Portugal. And the killing of whales in Denmark, and the killing of dolphins in Japan, and the exploit of black bears on China. It's a shame and we must take position to influence others to review their ways.
So, thanks for this discussion and Peace for all.
Comment by erika on November 16, 2008 at 3:19pm
Hi Kelly.

I just missed my Beijing opera, I am here in China with my Chinese Medicine Group. Somehow I got on a bus I wasn't supposed to. but nevermind. just, I have to rite about some other stuff instead for the newspaper.

how are you?

Comment by Kelly Keong on November 16, 2008 at 9:55am
I think it should be inappropriate to kill anything that you did not intend to eat or was not trying to feed on you .
I do not understand catch and release game fishing and especially live bait fishing.

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