Today it's world Water day.
Like to share my experience with Water, the beauty and strenght of Water.
Water can doctor/heal you, there are such places of Water on our Mother Earth.
When I connected to the Water it has given me dreams and visions of rebirth, it made me more understand about my own Water.
Our Water has many information about our life, we can heal from emotional pain.
It brings us back to story's that we thought were truth, it's all in our Water.
I had the honor to connect with Corbin Harney and volunteer at Poo-Ha-Bah a healing center at Tecopa CA
I was send to that place by Gods love that lives in my heart
If we don't feel well, consider praying over your Water and ask for peace and harmony.
Ask the Water, keep me clean and healthy.
Be grateful for the Water, it brings life to continue on our Mother earth
Sing for the Water it brings joy and a deep feeling of Peace.
There is also a Water song on the internet, sung by Corbin Harney.
He past over at July 10th 2007, and we people are blessed by all his good work.
Today on World Waterday like to ask you for a prayer or song for the Water so it continues to keep all life clean and healthy and being in peace and harmony
Blessings to All

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