1. glad Obama is our president; it feels good to be an American
2. grateful to have a job/good boss in this difficult economy
3. love spending time with my three grandchildren, children, family & friends
4. treasure friends I have known for 30+ years & friends who I have know only for a short time
5. priorities are peace within & creating peace around the world
6. my volunteer experiences are important to me– Peace Corps, Returned Peace Corps Volunteer organization, Big Sister, & others
7. will be participating in training to become CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) for foster children
8. travel /living/learning in foreign countries are passions; went the Copper Canyon in Mexico most recently, sailed around the world in 2008, lived in Kyrgyzstan for 3 yrs, & visited numerous places – all of which I thoroughly enjoyed
9. went to Burning Man for the first time last year/loved it/am going back this year
10. freedom of choice (about everything) is great; it would be very difficult for me to live in a constricted environment
11. keeping my body healthy through yoga, walking and eating wise food choices are priorities
12. prefer tasty food, but don’t take the time to fix it (for me) at home; seems only when I have guests that I take the time
13. learning as much as I can about as many subjects as I can is fun & it’s frustrating to have so much information available
14. reading – fiction & nonfiction – is my favored pastime
15. also enjoy music in all forms (almost – rap is not a favorite), theater & movies (most recently saw Slumdog Millionaire & it reminded me of my visits to India)
16. create art when I make the time – which hasn’t been recently, but want to paint more with watercolors
17. want to be a better photographer
18. may take an ESL instructor course in the future
19. participated in my first Dances of Universal Peace Retreat in Jan 09; wonderful experience & will participate when I can in Laguna Beach
20. Semester at Sea friends insisted I join Facebook and I’m glad I did
21. share housing because expenses are less (but this is sometimes challenging) in order to have money to travel
22. live in So. Calif. because my children/grandchildren/friends are here; otherwise, would prefer to be “somewhere else.” At this point, don’t know where my preference is, but love Asia.
23. own land (with my sister)in Texas, but don’t want to live there
24. hope to retire in the next several years; had planned on 2010, but now don’t know if that will happen because lost money in retirement fund
25. will participate in volunteer work full time in retirement; maybe Peace Corps again & investigating other choices

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Comment by dear james on February 22, 2009 at 3:58pm

hope this message finds you in good health and spirit
may all your dreams come true

Comment by buck on February 17, 2009 at 9:01pm
alright! i liked yours! keep on going and never ever be afraid to believe and stand up
for what you think. let me tell you my opinion only, and i will get heat.

ipeace is a family as far as i am concerned, one big family of collective thought.

ok, here is where i get nailed.

i think we need more action! do not read me wrong. all here are nice and great ( i am an
old hippie of questionable ideals :) )

i think we should light some torches, get some pitch forks and march on d.c.! at the moment of
our choosing.

why ours?

because the time has come. sometimes you or i choose the time for action. sometimes, time chooses
you and me.

the challenge is there. where is the strength, the strength of values and of free thought?

it all is here, at the heart and the soul of ipeace and family.

the new challenge is happening now, and who will stand up, who will speak for those who can not,
and who will sacrifrce for the common good?

i will.

- buck
Comment by susan chandel on February 16, 2009 at 7:48pm
A rich list :-). You energizer bunny you.

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