1. I am Brazilian.

2. I am married to a very nice American.

3. I do not have children of my own, but I have 2 nieces, and 2 nephews that I love deerly.

4. I love the idea of a world without frontiers, where we could go everywhere without having to worry to get a visa.

5. I do feel connected to all and everything in this Planet – even with the dark side of the moon, after all, I believe, we are one – the positive & negative.

6. I had breast cancer.

7. I miss Brazil very much – the warmth of the weather, the warmth of the people.

8. I miss my family, and the life I had with them.

9. I like to drink red wine in the winter, and a very cold beer in the summer.

10. I love walking.

11. Unfortunately for my health I smoke, and I enjoy it.

12. I do yoga, and I love it.

13. I am very organized.

14. I do dislike any kind of waste.

15. I love gardening, and I can’t wait for spring to come.

16. I grew up in a big family: 3 brothers, 7 sisters

17. Two of my brothers passed away: Tarcisio, and now Ronaldo – who passed away in 2008.

18. I grew up watching Hollywood movies, and reading everything I could get in my hands.

19. I have a BA in Business, and about 8 years ago I’ve connected to my artistic self, and now I have a studio of my own. I am a self taught artist – I feel funny calling myself an artist – but I love it.

20. I love to dance – a good therapy, and exercise, too, is to listen to Brazilian music and dance by myself at home.

21. I’ve always felt connected to Ireland since I was a child – I don’t know why, there is no Irish in Brazil, even though I had two very much loved uncles whose hair were “red”. I have to go there one day.

22. I think it is disgusting and sad how people don’t thing by themselves – they just follow: the ones with money, the ones with power, the ones with more knowledge.

23. It’s disgusting too how the mainstream media directs everybody to think the same, to feel the same.
24. I love talking to intelligent & sensitive people – they always have so much to share (please I do not like people with big egos)

25. Sometimes I feel so small when I see, or hear, the worst of human beings – truly I believe we are one, and to see how low and disgusting we can get, it’s so sad and overwhelmed.

26. I was raised catholic, and went to catholic school. I still pray for my guard angel, and my favorite saints, but I think religion is a bad, bad thing in our society. Not because religion is sth bad itself, but because how humans have been manipulating it to justify their sick attitudes, and to control the lives and minds of other people.

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