A Critical Review of Afzal Shauq’s Poetry.... Gabina Gomez / USA

Poetry of Fascinating Themes

(A Critical Review of Afzal Shauq’s Poetry)

By: Gabina Gomez

Afzal Shauq’s poetry is very quite fascinating and is really sightseeing too. So that the readers may also get pictographic affects for his poetry words. One can conceive his words as they are painting different portraits with multiple colors. Minds of readers can enjoy the melodious rhythms in his thoughtful ideas. He is really playing with great poetic words, and most of his poems are melodious.

Most of Afzal Shauq’s poems have gotten heart catching and inspirational themes. What’s more special in them, I exactly don’t know but I can say that his way of writing poems is provoking me to love his poetry. It might be because of his professionalized style of writing being a poet. His poems are very much imagining , inspiring and enthusiastic, I found his poetry quite fascinating.

Though, I have read most of his poems. I think they are wonderfully written. I being his friend proudly say to him that I enjoy your work Mr. Afzal !!

I do believe that what he wrote in poetry has seemed to me as he is writing from my heart and soul. Wish I can ever write same as he does.

I will be excited to read more of his poetry. In each one of his poems I do believe that there is something close to my dreams. I call his poetry as my New Beginning of Life.

I do enjoy Afzal Shauq’s work as much as my wishes to fulfill and I think his way of writing is my only wish to own because he according to my understanding might be theoretically almost as good as Robert Frost, who is my favorite.

On the other hand I still do believe that his work will be the most fantastic with the passage of time or maybe he would make more wonderful addition in his poetry work. Because life is full of challenges and he might meet them successfully with the same stream of innovation.

In his short poem 'Acquired Label', there is a story about his dream and he is sort of optimistic in humanitarian thoughts.

'Acquired Label'

Being I am..
a child of Adam
as on the day
I, intended to step out
from the door of my home
chasing out for
my global siblings;

the rigid beings of
my own birth town
suddenly started gossiping
I’m 'an atheist'.. full grown!

This is quite a good poem of Mr. Afzal Shauq I adore, its a wonderful example of his empathy. Even than a sort of sacrifice of egoistic self esteem. For the cause of humanity, his exemplary devotion to globalize family is remarkable indeed. I love his poetic universalized intentions.

His thoughts are as similar as sharing life with others. I am inspired and like his nice work. Here, I want to add one of my own poems that is related to ‘Life’ too. And this is dedicated to him with a great pride.

Have you ever heard the streets,
The way how it turns into beeps,
and the beeps turn into beats.

Have you ever heard the streets,
The way how it turns into beeps,
and the beeps turn into beats.

and the fun of children having fun to be wild,
even though they are mild,
they have to be free out there somewhere

My outing is biting
and there is so much fighting
the clock is ticking
and my time is out
never to have back again
this world of bait of all hate
their is still some fate.

Gabina Gomez

Modesto / United States

www.poemhunter.com/gabina-gomez ;

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