A direct experience of God for inner peace

There is a "cell" of pure God at the center of each of us, deep to the heart, right near the solar plexus. If you sit in quiet meditation and ask to feel God there and focus, you will experience it for yourself. For more on the direct experience of God, check out http://www.askmotherclare.com or http://www.askfatherpeter.com and see what Master teacher Mother Clare Watts and Father Peter Bowes have to say. It is our path as Mystics to know God within and as ministers to share that with others, not through dogma, but through and from personal experience, which Mother Clare and Father Peter do masterfully, graciously, with integrity and humility.

Deacon Nadia of the Minneapolis Center of Light

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Comment by Nicholas Truske on March 11, 2009 at 7:52pm
Thank you for this teaching.

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