Hi, it is lovely to meet you...My name is Michelle as you may have already worked out...I have been separated for nearly 6 years. have 2 children. a girl 21 Kylie and jake who is 16. I am presently not working and spend a lot of my time spreading warm love to my friends online and off...every one needs a friendly ear to listen to them....I am not judgmental at all and accept all walks of life....this is very important to me. Equality and acceptance are the keys to peace on this earth for all humanity to live a fair and wonderful time on this planet....I also believe we are mirrors for every one we come into contact with...someone who finds you beautiful and loving then that is there own reality...someone who is horrible and nasty to you is there reality...hope that makes sense..

At the moment, i am at a bit of cross road. I was on one path and then things changed so now i am looking at different ventures to experience and learn from.. I live in Melbourne near the beach, keep pretty much to myself as i am an empath and find spending a lot of time with big groups of people quiet draining....How ever i am working on that...
In terms of a relationship. I believe that friendship is a good base to any relationship…once you are established as friends then you can see where it leads…I love movies, all forms of art and photography….love to travel any where and experience new cultures and landscapes….I am very cheeky at times and love to laugh and have fun…am a romantic and once established in a relationship can be a best friend, a lover and someone who will always be there.
I admire people who live there truth, are able to express their feelings openly and be able to learn from mistakes….
There is a little bit about me...Tell me more about you when you have the time…

Have a beautiful day, peace and love
Warm love Michelle xoxox

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Comment by Nancy Kaye on November 23, 2008 at 11:14pm
Beautiful image. Love, Nancy

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