a major reason to attract consumers

In addition, the German technology has been a major reason to attract consumers, the reporter to incomplete statistics, now in Beijing's court and be able to see imported from Germany, the German Technical concerned about the following several brands: Acer resistance, the EU Code, Golden Eagle Iger, butterflies, too high, Auman, the European people, Oulang, particularly good and so on. The survey by Reporters interviewed found, in part, flown in from Germany, part of a German production line, more or less always people find a little shadow associated with Germany. One concept linked to "foreign name" Consumers do not buy it For hanging "foreign name" tamper with the concept of practice, consumers do not buy it. Preparing patio wood composite tiles Birmingham the decoration store Zhang told reporters:. "The current market price is the last word," he said, in the premises of floor coverings may be more to stand the test of cheap floor is the right choice . Mr. Zhang also told reporters produced a variety of floor brochures own collection, many of them "imported floor."

In the end, Mr. Zhang chose a Beijing factory production floor, on the grounds that "run the temple monks stand." Macro-resistant flooring Beijing company official said, "import" the concept of speculation because of the floor caused confusion in the market. Although consumers are "outsiders" But the risk perspective, the domestic big brand products quality and service are guaranteed. On the contrary, some imported floor is through a small agency to enter the market, once hard to sell, could have been terminated import agent, so that consumers buy the product after-sales service would be difficult to protect. In contrast, domestic brands have the floor for export, domestic and foreign markets is a production of standard products, while eliminating the transportation costs, the price is more affordable. Secretary-General of China Forest Industry Association Flooring Committee Lu Bin admitted that the current "import" floor on the market is very confusing, management also has difficulty consumers face many practical consumer issues. The need to verify the identity of consumers choose to import floor General manager of Golden Eagle Iger floor Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. Linda Lun told reporters, in the present case, the professional Tell import most direct and effective way is to view corporate floor floor origin.

Floor of certificates of origin in the European Union countries have a uniform format standards, such as the EU countries (including Germany) floor of the certificate of origin is a pure yellow foreign language (text according to the text floors country of origin may be) format documents, which there are several clear: the floor of origin and company name, output and output outdoor floor tiles Belgium ground floor and the importing company's name, the date of importation floor, the floor of origin related industry organizations prove seal. Linda Lun says the real import of the floor to make domestic brands, which each batch of imported floor should have a corresponding certificate of origin, more importantly, the company should have some continuous certificate of origin, the only way to guarantee they sold all the real import of the floor, rather than part of the imports, but claimed that all imports.

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