through every story encountered
whether spoken, papered,
digitized and / or illustrated
based on 'reality'
or entirely fabricated
any story IS these three things:
what it says, what it means
and what it means to me
if language comes from Nothing
and everything- in fact- the same
then we have Nothing
but our stories and memories
this 'reality' of story & memory
is what we must escape
by returning to them- to
our memories today.
so thoughtlessly
we may transcend and
transform fully- transcendentally-
the metaphorical flow of story
into that which left categorical
leaves us lost in a maze of memory
less progress, more often digression
regressively reaching- for what?
past pleasures? future fortunes?
the 'story' may be linear
with a lineage reaching back
in time, in line
but we see only that
this. NOW. here.
is solitary, singular
wholly circular
equally forcefully and / or softly
responding with reactive reflections
to our every motive,
emotion, deed and dream.
do not read so much in two
words, as established
are less than adequate
only a haphazard introduction
into what i know- Nothing-
for words are only the bait i use
to capture elusive memories...
did i succeed?? successfully 'recalled'
my memories escape me.

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