The only victorious war is the one never fought.

We live in a world conceived from the love of a Single Creator. One that mankind has chosen to give many different names to, with each, claiming theirs to be the One True God. But before the prophets spoke,
before the first breath of mankind, there was only One... and from that One, all was created, and all being created from that One makes each of us a part of that One, and subsequently, a part of each other.

This garden called earth was not created to be a battle ground. It is all hallowed ground, created as an expression of the love of God, so that our spirits, our souls would have a place to grow and to experience life, gaining more and more luminosity and vibrance as it evolves. What we do to or against any of God's creations, we do to or against God.

There is no glory or holiness in war, for war does not come from the heart of God, it comes from the darkness of humankind. The blood of innocence does not flow from the hand of God, it flows from weapons created out of fear. Hatred is not seen through the eyes of God, it is seen through the distortions and illusions that we are separate from one another, fueled by the burning desires of ego to reign supreme and to expand this supremacy for gaining self-power and control.

War is not about love of God, it's about self and expanding that dominion of self through fear and terrorism into a global entity. War is no more than a poison entering the River of Life. War, today, is not even about warrior fighting warrior it's about defiling children, women, the elderly... in a manner that goes against the very core from which we were created... the love of humanity. There can be no heavenly rewards or Divine Accolades for the atrocities being inflicted upon the children of God at this time.

Glory is something that comes from the heart and given in the Spirit. War is about darkness and fear, while God is about love and light. Is it not time for all Nations to unite as one, and step out of those shadows into the Light of the One Creator and reclaim their unity as one body within the One Body of God.

Is it not time to forever lay down the weapons and open our hearts to why we are here... to learn... to love... to grow... not to destroy, to kill, or hate. We carry within us the Light of Creation... why are we so afraid to reach for it? Why do we continually choose the path of darkness and destruction. Have we learned nothing from centuries past. It is not God that we need to fear, it is each other. Somewhere in the passing of time, that original love placed within us has been lost, buried under ego and intellect, greed, and a thirst for power.

What a beautiful world it could once again become if our objectives in life were to simply reconnect to that part of God which is that part of us... ALL OF US :-)

Peace, love, and God's blessings to all.

Frank B. Fileccia

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