...Friends... hope that all of you are doing well and just wanted to say a little something about my Mother...I hope that all of you have had even a small part of the experience I had with my Mother...she died May 22 2002 and I think of her constantly..she showed me so much Unconditional Love...and what she said to me was always true...but watching the way she respected all life and this Planet left a permanent impression on me...what you do seems to carry much more weight than what you say....the only bad thing about having a great Mother is when you lose her...I hope that all of you that have your Mother will give her an extra big hug and kiss this Sunday....and all others like myself will spend a considerable amount of time realizing how lucky you are...no matter where I was in the world I would call my Mother every night...we both enjoyed it...it has been seven years and I still pick up the phone every once in awhile...I feel good knowing that I am my Mother...just an extension of her and all others that came before me...just like all things you see daily....I wrote this about my Mother three years ago...hope someone will enjoy it...thank you....Johnnie.

4/30/2006 12:50 PM

It has been four years
Since I last saw you
In one way
It seems like yesterday
In another
An eternity
They say
Time heals all wounds
Just one more time
They are wrong
If you truly love someone
The amount you miss them
Will never diminish
But I am lucky
Because the one I miss
Created me
And every time
I look in the mirror
I can see her
Smiling at me
And with every breath
I can feel her
Always a part of me

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Comment by Cierra on May 9, 2009 at 7:36pm
Johnnie... This is so beautiful. I can feel the energy of love within. Thank you for sharing...

Also, you wrote..."I feel good knowing that I am my Mother". Thank you... for reminding me of my mother...
... all her hopes and her dreams... all things said and never said... all inside of me... she still lives... in my heart. ~ Cierra
Comment by Ana on May 9, 2009 at 5:00pm
It is so beautiful an so touching what you have written about your mother...!!! For sure she must be sending love to you wherever she is and as you say she will always be a part of you. If she was so good while she was here, she must be in Light and from there, she is sending you love every single day. That is what I believe and I also understand why you feel so grateful cause she left you the best inheritance in the world. Now, from where she is she must be watching you and feeling your love too.
I have felt tenderness towards your mother and yourself when I have read your poem and the letter and I thank you for making me feel that wonderful feeling
Big hug,
Comment by Johnnie on May 9, 2009 at 3:07am
...Chantal and Marijke...Thank you for the Kindness...everything I feel about my Mother is exactly the same for my Father...so I guess I won the Love Lottery...I was also surrounded by many people that Loved me so much...not because of me or anything I ever did...because I was the son of two people they adored..I have even felt guilty for being Loved so much and seeing others receive none...but I never wanted to trade places....none of them are walking this Planet any more...but they all reside within me...like an army of angels with me every step...some people think and act like life is something you must go through and then receive some reward...I wish they knew like me that life is Heaven...and Love is the key that opens the door....now I have the great joy of finding people like you all over this planet...so my luck as far as Love and Kindness goes...grows....I am sure your children do and will always feel exactly as I do....thank you Johnnie
Comment by Marijke on May 9, 2009 at 2:25am

Dear Johnnie,this is so beautifull,oh I wish my children will feel the same as you. Thank you Johnnie you touched my heart.
Comment by Chantal Walters on May 9, 2009 at 12:05am
Thank you Johnnie for sharing your thoughts and feelings. Your mother must have been so happy to have a son like you who really appreciated her and felt glad to be a part of her. As a mother I could not ask for anything more. She must be smiling as she sees the wonderful warm and thoughtful person that lives on after her. I should be very proud of a son like you. All my love, Chantal

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