A New Awareness of Nature

Rene Wadlow*


         Today there is growing agreement that all of humanity is undergoing a basic transformation of awareness, moving toward a different way of experiencing ourselves, our relation to history, to Nature, and to other people.  These processes of coming into a healthy relationship with the natural world and of renewing human culture are going on at the same time and are closely related trends.



         However, we must not skirt the severity or the complexity of the problems facing humankind today.  With a global human population of seven billion, with topsoil being swept away and thousands of species in danger of disappearing, we have gone about as far as we can go in the direction of imposing our human domination on Nature.


         Thus in order to re-establish a healthy equilibrium, we need a new awareness of humans as a part of Nature but with a special duty of care and respect for the earth’s interrelated life-support system.


         We have every reason to believe that it is possible for us to achieve a stable, sustainable, and fulfilling mode of life based on the enduring values of empathy and nurturance if we make the necessary efforts.  Therefore, we need a revitalized sense of who we are as human beings — an image of humanity that is uplifting and inclusive.


         This renewal of our awareness of Nature will require that we get in touch with our deepest needs and that we find our own internal source of meaning.  As we express more fully this inner source of meaning, we will develop a more health culture which connects people to one another and to the land. Thus a healthy culture is a sustainable culture going from generation to generation.


         Earth is Our Common Home. Therefore we must protect it together.



*Rene Wadlow, President and Representative to the United Nations, Geneva, Association of World Citizens

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