This is my first blog, so I don't know what I am doing. But I guess that the new year is something where we give new intentions. Yet I really like the notion of following the lunar cycle, and I placed my intentional energy a few days ago in the new moon.
And for me the intention was a recommitment of effort, for as I see the world has begun to impact, what I call the "Final Limit". Now I see the growing need for Bodhisattva's to arise. And of course I offer myself, yet, it is as always fear which holds me back.
So the intention of my new year is to commit my self to the truthful introspection and honesty in all my relations. Because I see that in my past I have been undone by the lies I have told myself.

Then, my friend Bryony, introduced me to this site, via an email, and I thought, why not. I am a bit cautious about the virtual world, because I see physical contact as important, and I like to connect to the physical world. I am sure computers, can help, yet like TV, they can also lead us toward further disconnection from our evironment. And as I sit and write this, I am aware that I could also be watching the grey icy mist outside slide into the night. And in that stillness, I could make a connection to reality around. But instead I exercise my language centers, and my typing skills, and stare at the screen on this laptop. I am sure it is a question of Balance, and hey in this interconnected world we need to start spreading our loving thoughts far and wide. In the positive view of electronic computer telecommunications I am inspired by Deepak Chopra, his web presence is very strong, and I often look him up. Yet the connection I make by looking at the tree, and or touching my dream-time, is I believe a tele-communication which is as rich and powerful, no far more potent than the internet can ever be. It is a strange idea, but we can all communicate at distance with each other perfectly, but we have un-learnt that skill though our socialisation into "civilised" (sic) individuals. This "natural internet", related to our own neural net, is that "jeweled net of indra" talked about in the Buddhist scriptures. It gets my vote, if only I can reconnect to it. For now I will explore our technological substitute, as long as it doesn't pull me away from that greater work of that reconnecting.

Finally again via the internet, my friends a Nalanda Monestary in France, email to saying they are making New Years Eve a Tara evening. Tara is a manifestation of Great Compassion. I thought it would be good to join in for a bit at home myself, the world needs much compassion at present. I was interested to explore the Tara Mantra so I have been reciting the Tara Mantra to myself for two day's now,
I am still discovering what mantra is, but I have really enjoyed singing this to myself. At it is certainly better that having some mindless lyric from a pop song spinning around in my mind.

Finally there it is: it seems that I have three intentions. Truth & Honesty, Reaching Out & Communication, Love & Compassion.

To everyone here on i-peace and in the world, I pray that this comming year will overflow with the Truth, Wisdom and Compassion of the Divine in all of us.

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