There's a great deal of misunderstanding of the 100 years old Israeli Palestinian conflict. There's a great deal of disinformation about it in iPeace today. And there's a great deal of manipulation end exploitation of the situation, some of it very cynical.

Here's part of a message I and 45 others received yesterday:

"Israel is the attacker since centuries ago - Jews dont have a land and thats a fact. and they have made protocols and through them have prepared Everything until this very day for this to happen. it doesn't happen because of a dead Israeli or a few bombs... its a plan!!! to destroy Palestinians once and for all... its been carried out in steps and they are very clear to those following the news correctly (so not from TV) and who know... this is pure denocide and it has to stop NOW."

"no one should worry about Jews! they are wealthy and free and happy - and rich and fat with their big cars and small assured they are taken care of.

now - can we go back to poor Palestinians who are tortured and squeezed like rats in one small hole and now killed in hundreds.... evey day! thank YOU"

Needless to say that the sender is no longer with us, but there are more like her, and they influence those who don't know.

The reason that I am writing this to you is what I read on the comment wall of Noa's blog: "a letter to my Palestinian brothers in Gaza"

If I have any credibility with you, I will tell you this: There are very few fiercer and more determined peace warriors than Noa. Not Annie Lennox, not Bono and not Yoko Ono. Period. They are just more famous than her.

Noa has dedicated her life to peace activism. She is constantly taking risks to fulfill her dream of a peaceful Middle East. Many in her country think her a traitor for that. You can read about it HERE

Even a peace warrior may speak his mind. That's all what she did, in a sensitive and compassionate fashion. She said what she believes is the truth. She said what many Arab leaders say publicly.

And she got showered with comments that she does not deserve. I think that this is not the way we should treat someone who should be our hero.

She wrote you a comment in response:

"i have read some of your comments and all make me very sad, even the compassionate ones, as they are full of sorrow. sorry i share.

to those of you who claim i do not know history, i will say, unfortunately i do. i know it well. i know israel's part in establishing organizations like hamas to counter other organizations she found to be negative, i also know that things that start one way often end another. sometimes for better, sometimes for worse.

as i have said, i am a well known critic of my country. i think she has acted stupidly on countless accounts.

but i also know this: israel wants peace. israel does not want gaza. israel pulled out of gaza at great expense and dismantled its settlements there. israel wants to exist. deserves to exist.

our situation is complicated, so complicated.

once, israelis could be imprisoned for talking to the PLO. Abie Natan, founder of 'the voice of peace' radio station that we loved so much, was such a victim.

today, the PLO are as accepted as the Likud. today, everyone knows a Palestinian state will exist, it is only a matter of finalizing the deal, and all this, with MANY players with BIG interests, oil, water, power, weapons, control, religion, all the cholera you can imagine.

in the midst of all this, people die.

no, i am not comparing traumatized children to dead ones, what warped mind would assume that (chris..?)

no, i do not wish Hamas dead, i just want them to stop terrorizing gaza and israel. from my point of view, they could all go sit on the beach somewhere and have a couple of tequilas. i just want them far away from me and all peace lovers on both sides of the fence, UNLESS they choose dialogue over violence.

but most of all, MOST of all, i want us all to just STOP this madness!!

stop the killing on BOTH sides!! stop the propaganda! stop the hatred! PLEASE!!!!!!!


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Comment by MARIA ALVA MONDAZZI on January 18, 2009 at 3:11am
We must not harden our hearts . keep in spirituality and prayer always .Peace and blessing to all always.
Comment by Tree Thunderchild on January 12, 2009 at 4:05pm
I am a simple man who knows wilderness and not gone to college to study years of history of this conflict.
I have no TV for over a year, no news paper, but dialup internet enough to know what I see in my dreams and feel inside of me, is seen in news online the next day so I do not bother to often checking the news anymore.
I am no government leader and my words here may be as graffiti on the wall of a busy highway that no one will read.
I was sent to this world by the creator, but this isolated conflict was not the cause for sending me.
I will not say which side of this conflict, but two were sent here such as my self, but for the cause of this conflict to bring lasting peace. One of them has been killed.
How many must die, as collateral damage to a solution that is sold to the people as being "the" path to peace?

Know this.
Terrorism and intimidation, are NOT the same thing as respect.
Killing those with a different point of view does not make yours the right one.
My word will likely stay here and of as much notice as graffiti on the wall.
But one like myself that was sent here, only for THIS purpose, for LASTING peace,
has been killed.
That is all I have to say here because I am not an authority on anything with this conflict,
other than that.
Comment by Alexandra on January 9, 2009 at 11:22pm
Comment by Frank Martin Gillett on January 9, 2009 at 5:47pm
is it a practical idea to have the Israeli's and Palestinian's share the land that they have? must they have separate plots of land? if we are to promote peace between these two nations fighting over land, then if they both have the land surely they will be forced to work together to achieve what they want with their country?

in the streets and on the news i have seen many people take a side - either pro-hamas, pro-gaza/palastinians or pro-israeli government
but i havent seen many people calling for both sides to cease their fighting and begin peace talks (except for on here of course :-) is my idea of having them share the land extremely outlandish? or is there a chance for it?
Comment by Martin Carriere on January 9, 2009 at 6:52am
We are all angels here and we are all free. Free to choose another approach to meeting each other in love and sharing the joy of creation. Free to choose to breath and calmly walk beside each other in the grace of being. Free to say yes to eating at the same table and not sayin it is ours. Free to acknowledge that all people have something to teach especially when they are willing to learn. Free to hold that safe space between me and you where our new existence can take form and grow and become whole. Free to be we.
All my love dear iPeace angels,
Martin Carriere
Comment by Eunice colon on January 8, 2009 at 6:15pm
Thank you for sharing your opinion with me.
Comment by theresnopeaceintheworld on January 8, 2009 at 8:33am
gods will, but your all doing gods will as well
Comment by Susan McKenna on January 8, 2009 at 1:37am
How sad it must be to have to write such negative things about human beings on a sight that is promoting peace. It always shocks me when people blatantly spew their hatred. . What a tortured soul. I would not want to live with their heart.

David, thank you for your efforts to keep iPeace safe. Unfortunately, those that live with hatred in their hearts can not begin to understand what is going on here.
Comment by Lynn Mystic-Healer on January 8, 2009 at 12:47am
We must gather all human beings and tech them about their Soul Power (all love and light) Connections to heal the past, fogive themselves and others. Learn the lessons of the PAST and PAST LIVES---WE ARE ALL CONNECTED--- let go of the old EGO MIND THOUHGTS, FEELINGS AND ACTIONS THAT ARE HURTFUL,SICK, ANGRY, ABUSIVE, LIMITED, FEARFUL, REATICE AND NEGATIVE!!!! Help ressurect and heal each person via their DIVINE SOUL SOURCE ENERGIES that are omniscient, omnipotent and have omnipresent spirit guides and angels waiting to help! We must unite all races and all religions by teaching them how and why to ask for their inner divine guides- soul guides, holy spirits, and guardian angels to come and help them stop the ego mind madness and RE-FOCUS ON SOUL-UTIONS THAT ARE FROM A HIGHER POWER.
Whatever we focus on grows----- All the answers are within each person's own Soul energies attached to their breath--- life force.
We are in a spiritual emergency on this little home that we all must share! There is a spiritual answer to every human problem or crisis. I channeled my 3rd book;Spiritual 911 Healing Handbook to be of service to help stop the wars, drug wars and terrorism on this planet. The Handbook is about a 5 step Soul Activation Process that is to be taught and used to create new earth jobs that focus on each person's own intergalactic eternal wise Soul energies and how to give LOVE AND LIGHT TO ONE ANOTHER. HOW TO HELP EACH PERSON FIND SELF-LOVE, THEIR SOUL PURPOSE AND ANSWERS WITHIN. FORGIVE. LET GO OF THE PAST, RE-FOCS--RE-FOCS- RE-TRAIN THE YOUTH TO HEAL THEIR LIFE PROLEM OR CRISIS.


Our new earth needs new SET(love and light) Soul Activation jobs to transform our social services, at risk youth programs and health care systems from higher power direct Soul source connections!
Nameste for Agape,
Comment by Tammara Or Slilat on January 8, 2009 at 12:14am
Dear David and all
I read a letter from anI sraeli Arab woman in Haifa where she says that the Israelis are not a nation, just Jews as a religion and they should be sent back to Europe. An Israeli Jewish woman answered her that the Palestinians nation is a fabrication and that they should all go back to the other Arab countries...
I ask you: is it relevant? All these discussions on who started it and who is a nation and who owns the land... what does it matter now? There are clearly two nations now, and a proper solution should be offered to both, not one at the expense of the other.

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