A Hot Summer Day,
Watching The Children Play,
All Different Colours Of The Skin,
Not A Care In Their World,
No Fights And Harmless Child Play, For It’s A Perfect World,
I Think To Myself. Perhaps The Old Could Learn A Thing Or Two,
Everyone Is Equal In Their Eyes, This From The Innocent Youth,
One Can Only Dream,
Of No War And Just Peace,
In A Child’s World, Seldom A Fight,
Soon Forgotten Come Daylight,
Truth They Speak,
Each Child, Very Unique,
Taught By His Parents, A Child Learns To Hate,
Before Those Lessons, In His Heart There Is No Hate,
He Calls Them All Friends, Until Different He Is Told,
Hate Soon Overtakes Love In His Heart, Stays Until He Grows Old,
I Dream Of The Perfect World, For Only Love Is In This Heart,
One Day Many A Child Will Grow, Love For All Will Start…

©2009 C Harasemchuk

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