It's amazing how many children walk on this earth living in pain that is not of their own making, yet feeling the pain of others so intensely that they just seem so odd and so different. We wonder why they always seem to be in pain; why they never seem to feel like they have a place to call their own in this world. We wonder why they are always aloof; always standing apart; always standing away from the boisterous crowd; always so ready to leave the earth space to into which they've been born. We wonder... Do we ever stop long enough to think why they do not feel like a part of the world they know? Do we ever wonder why their eyes always seem to be toward the exit door?

Do we ever stop to think that fish don't do well on land as children do not do well living under water? No air to breath; no peace; no life. Have we ever wondered? Do we ever ask why children shrivel and curl and seem to fade away despite being well fed and well nurtured? Do we ever wonder? Do we stop to think. Do we ever stop to think that PEACE just doesn't live where we try to build our nest? Do we realize that Peace is what we need to breath; to live and grow. Have you ever wondered?

No more war! No more disharmony! No more discord!
Peace! Alafia! Shalom! Salam! Jama! Amani

Give me PEACE. Let me live among peaceful people. Let me live among people with whom I belong.

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