I just want to share again about the emails, I mean, contacts I received from few people asking me to write to them in their prived emails. perhaps this is the reason for some changes on NING's invitation system. Fakes are everywhere, and I feel glad sincerely that here we did not come to the point of several little characters to be written in a small window just to assure that we guys are real people not fake machines for instance.
I feel a bit bored, depending on the organization... the orkut is very sympathetic, few letters, generally a nice word, like "macarony!" or fineble" or ticotico" or something like it. Hehe...
Some others, you have to type 7a%tres769koli876de UNTO a small window... it is very hard, each intervention, to type such things.
Love, NING, Love. iPeace, a charming place...

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Comment by TAZA on October 17, 2009 at 5:41pm
You ARE right Padma, one has REALLY to be intimate one day, sure.
the point is when you discover the person wants to deal some illegal things with you after the 4th email... that is what I am talking about.
When she wanted to be friends "despite the difference of age..." was one thing.
When she wanted to get married to get rid of social and political repression, also OK.
When she wants to transfer money to my banl account to solve some troubles - houdreds of people try that, to escape the taxes or so...
This is a warning.
Comment by Padma Lori on October 14, 2009 at 4:28pm
For me at times it is necessary to be intimate...to be private. I don't think much of being fake or phony or for anyone else to be that way...why would we be here?! I know there are some out there that are this way....and bless them if that is their desire. I can only be who I am....

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