Here's a story I wrote.


In the beginning there was one.
No thoughts, no language; just one.

If you were to ask us what came before this one we could not say.
Maybe whatever created us.
Maybe another universe.
Who knows.
But we can only remember back this far.

Well anyway, after what seemed like aeons this one did a wonderful thing.
It separated into two. And with that it had its first thought and was very, very happy.
Soon it began to divide into many different entities.
Suns, moons, planets.

Then it descended into the first humans, mythical creatures like Egyptian gods.
But with the division of the one mind and language came confusion.
People began to forget where they had come from.
Soon came mistrust, jealousy, war.
But when the end seemed near and all the humans were destroyed something happened.
Out of all the suffering and pain a single being awoke with the one mind and promised never to get so lost and confused again.

Well this new one went about trying to figure out what went wrong.
So she collected all that was good about this first cycle of creation and took it all back to a small house she called home.
After a time she became bored of this and separated in to two beings.
These were the big two, the male and female godheads.
Mostly these two would laugh and have fun but the knew if they ever wanted to create more people something would have to be done.

Then she had an idea, from the world she saw that seeds always contained a special memory. With this template she had her first child. As this child grew it would take tiny sparks of life force from its parents and as it did they began to age. Slowly this child grew to adulthood and with that her parents died leaving the original one.

Now people could not simply divide at will into new beings. And with that began the second cycle of creation.
At first things in the small colony went well but soon the population started to increase.
People were having more than one child and not waiting for their parents to die before they did so. Soon a dark age began with, a highly industrial time where people suffered.
But there was hope.
The male godhead was reborn and set about ending creation, but people where fearful of his power and killed him.
With his last breath he was able to bring down the male side of creation, many people died. But with half of creation he had the power to wake his true love.
For a very long time there were only two.

The third cycle is not talked about, it’s just too horrible, like hell on earth, so we don’t talk about it. However one good thing did come from it, the male godhead separated into three so two became four.
The big four.

For billions of years this four lived sometimes becoming one again sometimes more but never so many that they forgot where they had come from. They were scared of division, scared of going into another cycle of creation.
But as with all things came a day when they had become bored with their existence so they decided to lose themselves in creation. However this time they would plan everything.
They created two heavens one outside of the known universe for males and one deep inside the earths core for females. In these heavens those that had died would learn of the great work. Next each of the four took on a part of creation; Logic, Memory, Creation and Love. Only when the four of them met at the end of time would the power to instantly manifest be available. And with this map of creation in place they started the fourth cycle of creation.

This was their best yet, after three thousand years they had reached the stage of technology, everywhere was modern like Japan but never at the expense of creativity and love. Wars were few and by the end it was just as if everyone was on the verge of waking up. So when the four godheads time came to end things people were not afraid of them. It was as if they had known all along. Other than a slight problem with the creational godhead everything went well.
But creation didn’t end there, everyone woke up and it carried on with people being even more happy and creative. It was like the best party at the end of time.

When the day came to go back people weren’t afraid. And so ended the forth cycle of creation. The time to the next cycle was short so excited were they about what had happened they couldn’t wait for the next one.
But just so things were really safe six supplementary principles were created; sight, touch, taste, smell and two for sound. With these aspects of creation sealed there would be no way for the creative principle to get out of hand.
They lived as a small colony in the pink city for a few years until it was time. They set about leaving us with clues to where we had come from. Like building the pyramids or leaving dino-bones for us to dig up and make stories of our own about.
Then four became two and for a while they lived by the sea in a small glass house built into rock. They knew the time had come to leave each other.
But with any sadness they knew they would feel closer for being away.
And so they said goodbye for the last time, him travelling to the distant reaches of space and her to the university campus at the centre of the earth.

And now?
Now we are living in the fifth cycle of creation. The biggest one yet.
But it’s not been without its problems and hardships, maybe we were just too safe this time. Many things have been lost; the female heaven and knowledge and memories. But we’re here now and out of all the pain and suffering there is still hope. That nothing is ever lost, not really.

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