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For many guys, going to bed means pulling off their shirt and pants and sliding between the sheets in their underwear. While boxers and T-shirts are fine for sleep in warm weather, they do not cut it in cold climates. There are also times when modesty is called for and more coverage is needed. In many situations, some form of pajamas are ideal. The right pajamas look good and feel even better. As a matter of fact, for good or for bad, the casual comfort craze has reached a point where pajamas are now worn in public, with mixed acceptance. In fact, some laws have been passed prohibiting the wearing of pajamas in certain places. Nevertheless, pajamas are here to stay and eternally appropriate as far as sleepwear is concerned. Finding pajamas that will be worn often is usually a matter of getting the right size, choosing the preferred style, selecting a comfortable material, and picking the right look.
Men have five basic choices when it comes to sleepwear: a classic set of pajamas, lounge pants, sleep shorts, nightshirts, or onesies. Nightshirts are sometimes paired with lounge pants or sleep shorts for extra warmth or modesty, creating an alternative pajama set.
Classic Pajama Sets
Traditional men's pajamas consist of a long-sleeved shirt and long pants. The jacket-like shirt features a notched collar (almost like a lapel), a button placket, and a loose cuff. The cuff is not a fitted or turnback cuff but may have piping or a contrasting strip of material at the cuff instead. The pants feature an elastic and/or drawstring waist and a fly with a snap closure. In very cold sleeping conditions, pajamas may be layered over an undershirt or long thermal underwear.
Lounge Pants
For guys who only want half a set of pajamas, lounge pants fit the bill. Some are tailored much like standard pajama pants, coming in classic solids and patterns, while others have humorous cartoon images, graphic images, sports team logos and symbols, or other such prints. Like almost all men's sleepwear bottoms, lounge pants typically feature an elastic waist, a drawstring closure, or both. Lounge pants can be worn by themselves or with a top, such as an undershirt, an outerwear T-shirt, or a short or long nightshirt.
Sleep Shorts
Wearing sleep shorts is a step up from boxers, since there is usually a method of securing the fly, which provides modesty and allows guys to walk around in their shorts instead of having to cover up or change. Sleep shorts may have an elastic and/or drawstring waist. Many shorts come in outlandish patterns, although traditional prints and solids are also available. One can wear sleep shorts alone or with a top, just like long lounge pants.
The classic nightshirt is a loose, long-sleeved, collarless shirt with a button placket and a hemline that reaches well down on the thigh and usually to the knees. Despite how it sounds, a nightshirt is quite tailored and masculine-looking and would never be mistaken for a woman's nightgown.
The same onesie pajamas that many children wear are also available for adults, either with or without feet. One-piece pajamas are very warm and quite comfortable. Many of these are novelty pajamas that are designed to resemble animals or superhero costumes, although some are more serious in solids, stripes, or even camouflage patterns and are not much different from the old-fashioned union suit concept (which are still sold and quite convenient as well). Most one-piece pajamas either zip up the front or feature button or snap closures, and some offer the convenience of a dropseat in the rear.

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