Let us begin with a word of Gratitude.

Thank you, God. Thank you for this life and for the wonder of this moment. Thank you for everything that has ever happened to me, is happening now, and ever will happen. For all of it has produced the perfection of this next breath and the glory of Who I AM now going to be.

- Opening excerpt for Happier than God, by Neale Donald Walsch

Thanks-giving reminds us to be grateful today. But what if we used gratitude every-day in every-way in every-moment. We would change our Lives, we would change this World. We Can Do This!

In this book he also states so eloquently, "To move out of judgement move into Gratitude". I love that!

Be in the Moment, always! Nothing puts you "in the moment" by reminding yourself to "be in the moment". Be in Gratitude, always, all-ways! Be grateful for what you are today, right now and what you will become, not what you're lacking, as you will only bring more lack into your life. It's that easy!

I AM Grateful for Life
I AM Grateful for the Moment
I AM Grateful for my family/friends
I AM Grateful for choices
I AM Grateful for my health
I AM Grateful for my home
I AM Grateful for my job
I AM Grateful for my talents
I AM Grateful for abundance
I AM Grateful for every breath
I AM Grateful for beauty
I AM Grateful for Love
I AM Grateful to be present
I AM Grateful to Give
I AM Grateful to God
I AM Grateful for You...

And what are You Grateful for...

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