About the Election in America: How Does the Outcome Effect Peace?

Today, I am excited because I know I am a part of history. In America, today we were able to exercise our God given right-- that of voting. If Obama wins he will be noted as America’s first African-American President and I shall be most happy! If McCain wins, I will congratulate the spirit of his come back, as this type of spirit is rooted in the souls of Americans but I shall also be sad for America and Americans. These past eight years have been, if I may paraphrase from Charles Dickens, “the best of times and the worst of times,” for many Americans and the world at large. When I think about the worst of times, I think about the wars that are being waged all over the planet at any given time. As humans we are so inhumane to each other and for such asinine reasons.

The year 2008 has brought with it and I again paraphrase from Dickens, “the age of wisdom and the age of foolishness”. Specifically, the wisdom lies in the fact that America has affected on a global level the face of the world. We changed this evolving face known as planet earth by continuing to support a Commander-in-Chief, President Bush, who placed Americans and our allies in a war we did not belong in and in a war we cannot win nor may we continue to fight it. Nonetheless, I remain ever supportive of all of those who serve without questioning for these women and men are held in high regard for their duty to service to country and the concept of freedom for all. In hindsight, I believe that the wisdom of our woes as a race, a human race, spread across the world, a world which is not bound by borders, customs, religious believes or disbeliefs, but by that common thread of love and peace is the solution we should have chosen in response to the “axis of evil.”

On the foolish side of the coin, in America, we have acted a fool and rewarded the few on Wall Street who have conned those hopeful beings on Main Street. I readily admit that I, too, was caught up in the con—On a personal level my rose colored eye glasses fell from my eyes and cracked into the reality of my, to date, continuing nightmare. This is to say, that in February 2008, my job was placed in jeopardy due to my employer finding out my “credit” was beyond bad— My health took an immediate dive about the same time as my almost dismissal from work. So, I struggle daily with several health conditions that are more bothersome than deadly. In addition, the relationship I was cultivating went sour and belly up faster than I could conceive of such, while simultaneously devouring a thirty year friendship and at the root of this mellovahess, the friendship loss, was that old concept of religion and our varying disagreements on the matter. Wow! What a wake up call eh—but I digress.

I began this blog by saying, today, I am excited and once this work day ends, I shall, as I have many times before, bow my head to the Master and Creator of ALL sentient beings and ask for blessings to be bestowed upon the earth planet. I’ll watch with the rest of the America and the world to see who will be the new Commander-in-Chief and then I will say a prayer for him, his family, the world and then my family. If I am so blessed, I’ll awaken to new day and begin this journey of living Real Life 101 out loud and in the spirit of a maverick, I’ll continue to battle my way back to some semblance of regularity (e.g., return to work, continue my doctor’s appointments, and dig my way out of a financial mess), while concurrently thanking the God/dess of ALL sentient life for allowing me one more day to make the world a better place~ © M.D. Taylor/4Nov08

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