What can be more delightful than being on this earth and live a meaningful life full of joys, sorrows, going through different experiences, situations and move along with it like the flowing river.
Nothing can be more delightful than watching a mother looking at her baby so adoringly, a part of her being someone’s whose her very own.Theres a special and a unique bonding between a mother and the child.
Can there be anything more delightful than being with your parents when they need you the most or being with your children when they need your support, it gives you a sense of satisfaction, a feeling of contentment and watching your child grow at every stage can be so pleasurable.
Absolute delight and happiness comes out of being loved and cared for at every stage of our lives. A woman gets immense satisfaction by being loved by her partner, be it her husband or lover, whoever but the love should be intense. Love can be the most pleasurable experience of our lives and seeing two people totally in love, connected to each other is a sight of absolute delight.
Another delightful example can be of friends who understand each other, always there for each other in times of need without any expectations or jealousies. Having a true friend gives a feeling of absolute delight and happiness.
Watching a poor starved beggar on the street or a small child eating a small bite but with a smile on their face is another scene of absolute delight.
Same goes for a dying person who has lived life to the fullest, has a peaceful expression on his face when the journey of his life is coming to an end.
Living life to our hearts content, fulfilling our desires, achieving our goals does give us absolute delight and an extreme feeling of satisfaction.
In this world full of hardships there are few or rather many such instances which give us joy and peace, some delightful experiences which give us loads of happiness..
Therefore we should treasure those beautiful moments and make them a part of our lives so that, even thinking of them makes us smile, a smile of absolute delight.

Poonam Singh.

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Comment by Angel on December 29, 2008 at 3:28am

I am high spirited and very active person.
I try to aid wildlife and environmental organizations that protect nature.
I am not a fan of traditional religion although I am interested in Buddhism as a philosophy. I do not like religions or individuals who think they KNOW all the answers and then attack people with different views. Tolerance and an open-mind are very important for me
I very much love a life! I am interested in spiritual development of the person in the whole, his personal growth. I like traveling in interesting places. I have been twice in South America: Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, I studied healing of Curandero-Amazon's Shamanism and received a very special experiences: living in jungle also trans experiences...
Comment by Angel on December 29, 2008 at 3:20am

Comment by Leonard Ouimette on December 28, 2008 at 6:28am
You must be a happy and peaceful lady. I like your blog and agree with you. Without all those joys, there would be nothing to live for on this planet. Poonam, your blog is an Absolute Delight.

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