Access database compact and repair issue

For a MS access user nothing frustrated as corruption of MS access database. You might get lucky enough as you have the solution to repair or recover your database. Sometimes either with the help of a third-party product that specializes in data recovery. But the most important approach is to avoid corruption in its first stage. Here are some strategies for you to sort out such situation and helps you to preventing your databases from becoming corrupted


Store temporary tables in a backend

If the database creates, populates, and then deletes temporary tables keep those tables in a different backend database to prevent corruption issue. Allot names the additional backend and this can also be shared.

 Don't use memo fields

Try to avoid memo fields because they indirectly been a reason of corruption. You can repair database in corrupt in such cases but it may leads to lost some content of your data. If you require memo fields then you need to save it in separate tables and create a one-to-one relationship to the parent table. It is better to move memo tables to a separate backend database file and save name of the file according to its purpose.

Create temporary tables to speed up queries

If you run complex or nested queries, Access may write numbers of temporary data which you never see. This issue occurs arises when a query working with small amount of data shows slow performance you are continuously putting efforts on JET engine. If Suddenly Access hangs during this process, you will get with a corrupt backend file.

To prevent such situation write down some of the temporary data to temporary tables. Analyze the specifics and run some tests to find the best solution as there is no perfect solution to this. Sometime use of single temporary table can minimize the chance of corruption and fasten the queries by factor of 10 or more.

Be careful with wireless networks (WiFi)

Multiple users or powerful neighborhood networks can affect your connection speed and that can be a reason for your database corruption. This type of interference isn't a problem if users are mostly reading from the database.

How to fix Access database compact and repair issue

After knowing all the major reason behind file corruption if you find that you are getting the error message. So if you don’t want to lose you important data then the last option left with you is to use third party repair tool. To make your database accessible you need to the help of third party repair tool which is capable to resolving the corruption issue.


MS Access Repair Tool is the best professional repair tool that can easily fix your corruption issue. It can repair and restore the files from any sort or corruption situation such as power outage, virus attack, hardware issue, improper registry setting and many more. It is the most secure and essay program that allow you to repair your access database from corruption, damaged or inaccessible situation. After having this repair tool you need not to worry about the issue that occurs in your database.

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