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Last week we talked about utilizing the potent energies of March to enhance your 5th dimensional creative experience. This week we are blessed with a full moon in Virgo in opposition to the Pisces sun. Although 3rd dimensionally, you may have found yourself challenged, you will become aware of where you are in your ascension process based on what resonates for you this week.

In this opposition, the positive attributes bring a day of high vibration and accomplishment. We achieve because we have re-aligned with our Divine nature and empowered ourselves. This is the hallmark of 5th dimensional reality.

Last week's activation brought us to a point of heightened 5th dimensional co-creation based in trust. In the ascension process we have a choice about our experience and it may be different for all. One of the many lists of common ascension experiences has been nicely summarized by pontfx in the following blog: Click here.

A year and a half ago Dwaine and I fell into the trap of believing we weren't already good enough as several of our friends and acquaintances pointed out if we were going to go into The Golden Age ahead, we would need to be physically prepared to do so. We spent a few weeks trying out different ways of meeting those physical goals, including meditations for additional DNA, merkoba, chakras and love waves. Some of the audios even played as we slept through the night.

After several nights of waking up to night sweats that literally soaked our bed, we realized the entire process was unnecessary. We had hypnotized ourselves into believing in lack and limitation and in symptoms rather than trusting in the flow of life. It was at this time we simply said STOP, we desire something else. We went directly to source and decided to trust in the flow. It only took a couple of days before the night sweats and every other ascension symptom had disappeared. It was replaced with the experience of freedom, of becoming the observer, of having emotional control, of knowing and feeling unconditional love.

So get excited and know this incredibly, joyful, blissful, loving 5th dimensional experience is available to all and waiting for you to make the choice and step into it. Freedom IS here. Create the reality you desire and ease and grace will accompany your shift into The Golden Age.

On our radio show this Wednesday (1:00 p.m. MT, 3:00 p.m. EDT), we will discuss one of the oldest and most natural portals of energy, the sun and take you on a meditative journey to reconnect with your true vibratory nature.

If you are unable to be online for our radio show live, you are welcome to call in and listen by dialing (347) 996-5223 or access the show later from the archives.

Until then, we'd love to see you at our new Harmonic Community (click here) where we have begun work on five different co-creative projects.

We wish you the highest of vibrations as you journey through your week radiating your heart energy wherever you go.

Shine on,

Erica and Dwaine
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