mother and regrets that she and her children her brother do hate being a life mother Jeff doesn’t help me with the kids my job to keep the bills paid  Advanced weight loss  carefully love with my family delicious stuff deal with and later work that is my contribution to the family the sole breadwinner about all contribution I should give that I want doctor Phil debris mom right feel like we have children.

and she should just deal with it and  Advanced weight loss   stop wind chaotic in the home there's no question about it my next guest Emily says that she's actually thought about running away from her life because she quotes hates being a mother and a wife I'm married to Jiffs we have three children did you hate being a wife and a mother there were times when .

I was pregnant with my third child  Advanced weight loss  I did not want him to come out I just kept thinking about house another person that I have to take care of feel overwhelmed because Jeff doesn't help chance he feels it's not his responsibility my job has a husband is to keep the bills paid food in his mouth clothes on their back families job is to take care of our children Thursday's why just wish.

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