Afzal Shauq’s Meaningful Words of Power.. Ayanna. Iron Panda 23

I haven’t read all of them yet, but the few poems that I have read are awesome! ! Sir Afzal Shauq is a man with a heart of pure gold, full of love and peace for the world. If anything, he is an inspiration. The way he writes is a work of art. When reading his work, its like time stops and everything around you fades away- like you’re in a land where all is peaceful! One of my personal favorites is “Almighty Allah”. Though its short, it has a lot of emotion and meaning to it, which is something I like when reading poetry. Because I enjoy reading Sir Afzal’s work, I’ve dedicated this poem to him. Its called “Your Meaningful Words of Power“

Words with power and meaning behind them
Fill my heart with joy
With pride there’s love
And with love there’s peace
And with peace there’s another land to enjoy

Inspiring and influential
And with a great mind
Sharing words of wisdom—expressed in what he writes
Its never confidential, is that not the best kind?

Words with power and meaning behind them
Fill my heart with joy
Just like ‘a
rose by any other name’
Or a work of art in ‘the hall of fame’

I observe what I see
I enjoy the art that was created by thee
I’d say that indeed it is a masterpiece

Your words have power and meaning behind them
They fill my heart with joy
With pride there’s love, and with love there’s peace
With peace there’s a land that shall soon be seen and enjoyed

Ayanna ~IP23

Sir Afzal Shauq, your poetry has made me love poetry even more than I already do, and inspired me to write even more. With that I’d like to thank you with all my heart, for sharing your wonderful works of art with everyone! It means so much to those who love it. :)

Ayanna .IP23

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