Afzal Shauq’s Words Has Special Power..Written by: Kylee Bartz..Edited by Lara Bannister

Afzal Shauq’s Words Has Special Power..

Written by: Kylee Bartz..

Edited by Lara Bannister

Afzal Shauq is a very well written, well-respected peace wisher poet. He believes that all humans are no different than each other, regardless of color, race, or ethnicity. He expresses this in his poetry. He is pure of heart and soul and you can tell that by reading his poems.

To him, it is harder to hold all of the tensions that everyone holds against each other. Afzal is an easy-going, peaceful person who believes very strongly in love, peace, and the amazing power that comes along with well-written poetry.

Afzal sees the world through a different set of colors than most people do. He is able to see the good in people. He also considers human being as equal and believes that everyone belongs in the same family. He believes that all of humanity is just one big family.

He is a humanist and is willing to be called part of humankind. He embraces the peaceful life. Afzal is a peace dreamer and is trying to see the world through peace, and though that may be difficult at times, he continues to dream and see the world from a different point of view. A point of view that is clear and magical. A point of view that you can have too, by reading his work.

One of the wonderful things about Afzal Shauq is that he is optimistic. He expresses his optimism through his writing as well. Afzal is able to find the light amidst a world of darkness. That light is often expressed in his poetry.

When I read Afzal Shauq’s poetry, I began to truly see the world through his eyes. Though his ideas are rather dreamlike, they are extremely heart touching. His thoughts are all very deep and meaningful; his writing awakens the hidden portion of my soul.

His intention is to promote the smile, the best tool to bridge up the gap between the human heart, mind, and soul. I believe Afzal does an extraordinary job with this, as every time I read one of his poems, I cannot help but smile. It may seem almost impossible to bridge up the gap, but I know deep down, that it is an easy possibility, especially with Afzal Shauq’s works.

With his help, I have been able to overcome the darkness, hate, and prejudice inside of me. His words have healed me more than any treatment or magical operation ever could. Afzal’s poetry has the power to move people. If he can change me with his poems like that, than he can most definitely change the world.
Being lucky enough to be his poetry friend, I've been able to read a lot of his work and find out whom he really is: a magical and caring person. I’ve read his work with great interest. I've enjoyed every word of it. Afzal has talent, incredible talent. He has enlightened me with his work.

Hopefully, after you read his books, you will be able to see the world like he, along with so many who have read his poetry are able to. Hopefully you will be enlightened by his poems like I have been. I wish that you will be able to see the world from his point of view, because seeing things from a new perspective can really change the world.

If you get what I, along with so many others get from Afzal Shauq, you will be cured of prejudice. You will realize how to love everybody no matter what his or her religion, race, ethnical background or culture may be. You will also be able to see a peaceful solution to things. The gap between your heart, mind, and soul will also be lessened by a smile.

Every single one of Afzal Shauq’s words has special power. Each and every word of peace and love and humanity has the power to heal you. All that you have to do is open up to it.

In his honor, as a sort of dedication to him, I have written a poem. My poem, however, is nowhere near as good or as powerful as Mr. Shauq’s poetry is. I dedicate it for him with respect..,

A Family as a Whole
We are one family.
One nation, one world.
But why do we fight?
Why must we fight?

Why is our world engulfed in hatred?
Why do we not have peace?
We are weak. Ignorant.

We do not love.
Not like we should.
Where is that peace? That love?

We are one.
It’s time we acted like it.
Together, we are strong.

Feel the peace. Feel the love.
It is there. Find it.
It is small, tiny, nearly invisible.
But it is there, if we look hard enough.

If we find it,
We must nurture it.
Let us take that peace, that love.
And multiply it, by infinity.

So the world,
Our home,
Our family
Can be a better place.

Written by: Kylee Bartz, in honor of Afzal Shauq
Attica / United States
Edited by Lara Bannister

© kylee Bartz

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When I read Afzal Shauq’s poetry, I began to truly see the world through his eyes. Though his ideas are rather dreamlike, they are extremely heart touching. His thoughts are all very deep and meaningful; his writing awakens the hidden portion of my soul... Kylee Bartz

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