All the World's a Stage - Consciousness Part I

Shakespeare wrote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players" in his prose about the seven roles man plays throughout his seeming life. Little did he know just how accurate this statement is, or perhaps he knew all too well. This world is like a 3D holographic movie playing in your mind where you are the writer, director, lead actor/actress, all of the secondary players, and even the sets and scenery that make up the virtual state that is believed to be real. What is experienced as universe, is an illusion, a dream within a dream within a dream - a thought within a thought within a thought, and all of it takes place in an illusory state called consciousness. Most of what I hear around the metaphysical water cooler (so-to-speak) is that it's all about consciousness. It's not all about consciousness; consciousness is just another effect or tool or aspect of the illusion. It is not the cause.

What "is" must be an essential unity, an absolute oneness without division or distinction of parts. If there are separate components that are distinct and apart, one from another, that would mean that it is possible actually become separate and apart from Source (or God if that is what you want to call it), and that Source or God is not infinite. There would be some point where Source ended and that which is not Source began. There would be a duality, or "two-ness" rather than a Perfect Oneness. This is simply not so as there is only the "All-In-All", and everything takes it's existence within this presence, the All-In-All. It is consciousness that makes it appear that there is more than one. Duality only exists as an illusory or perceived state within thought. That which is real is unchanging and cannot be threatened, and nothing unreal exists, and since everything in this universe can be threatened, it is all unreal and does not exist (at least not in the way we agree to believe that it does). Consciousness is a very interesting aspect of this illusion we call universe. It is like the curling around onto ones self and agreeing to believe that it is experiencing something other than self.

Consciousness is the most fundamental disguise of the ego identity. The ego identity is that agreement to believe that what is encountered during the previously described curling around is something other than self or is self separate from observer. It is like agreeing to believe that map is territory, menu is meal, or reflection is self. Consciousness, like the ego, does essentially one thing and one thing only, it divides and subdivides oneness into components and labels these seeming components as separate items/objects and categorizes them according to like and dislike. Consciousness is an effect, not a cause. It is a tool we can use to awaken from this dream within a dream, or a tyrant we can allow to dominate us and keep us locked within a nightmare. When all is said and done we will leave the consciousness behind just as we will relinquish this universe, the body and the mind.

By its most fundamental nature, consciousness requires two components to exist; it requires and active component and a passive component, something to be conscious and something to be conscious of; a subject and an object. Since in the case of curling around upon ones self or folding back on ones self, active and passive components are one-and-the-same, consciousness becomes that infinitesimal moment when the encounter produces the illusion of subject and object. This subject and object do not actually exist in reality, only in thought as an infinitely small idea. It is very much like folding a mirror around so it reflects itself within itself, and then pretending that there are an infinite number of mirrors. When in actuality there are only an infinite number of ideas or agreements about the one and only mirror.

Under the experience of dualistic existence there manifests the necessity for polarity or polar opposites. This universe is a function of consciousness, and therefore is a purely dualistic system of polar opposites - male and female, light and dark, good and evil, etc., etc., etc. As I stated previously, this universe is not real, not in the sense that we agree to believe that it is. Oh, yes, it seems real in our experience of it, but that experience takes place entirely in the mind and nowhere else. If we rely on what we call our five physical senses and what we call our intellect to tell us what is real and what is not real then we are most certainly correct in ascertaining that this universe is real and everything in it is real, because our seeming physical senses tell us so. The five physical senses are made up by the ego and serve only to reinforce the ego identity by constantly baring witness to separation, individuality and objective reality, all of which are illusory. The problem with this equation is that our five physical senses and intellect, as well, exist entirely within the framework of the self-same universe, of which, we are trying to determine the authenticity. That would be like asking a movie to determine if it is just a movie or if it is the actual event itself.

To Be Continued ...

Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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