All You Need to Know about Crystal Beads

You are a jewelry lover or not, you use to wear jewelry or not, even if you never buy that, but you must have heard about crystal beads. Don’t you?

Will you please tell me difference between glass and crystal beads and how many types of crystal beads are available?

Got my point? Here is something you should know about beads before planning to buy them whether in you want to buy a single piece or beads in bulk.

Crystal is a form of glass on which lead is added or we can say a lead added glass is crystal; cause of lead crystal will be brighter, heavier, sturdier  precision and prettier than glass. There are many types of crystal beads are available in the market but one thing which is common in all you can’t find any bubble in crystal when you will try to look inside. Crystal beads are mainly used as decorative item you can add them to necklaces or you can glue them on shoes; cause of wide range of applications sometime consumer orders beads in bulk. But before placing order you should know brief about their types and application.

1.    Seed Crystal Beads: Seed Beads are most commonly available beads or normally you can say any available small size beads are seed beads. Normally they used as spacers on jewelry.

2.    Pony Beads – Seed beads are available in different size range normally seed beads of 5° or 6° are called pony beads.

3.    Cylinder crystal beads – you will say that is very obvious but I would like to tell you they are slightly different than seed beads. They come in every possible color and size.

4.    Cut crystal beads- intermediate between cube beads and cylinder beads that have more than one flat or "cut" sides. They sparkle more than cylindrical beads, because their surfaces reflect more light. These appear in supreme force in vintage beaded outfits and purses.

5.    Drop crystal Beads - the beads are shaped like tiny teardrops called Drop crystal Beads, they normally used with cylinder or seed beads to add some variation, texture and interest to flat designs. Drop crystal Beads produce a unique touch to design.
When you try to search you will find there are endless types of beads available, with the choices available -to make a decision with the short effort is not possible; I warn you! You can be paralyzed if you want to consider all fact and options available. To get perfection you would be needed support of guides like this and practice. And most important thing you should have interest and fire to know more about beads otherwise leave it on expert go to shop and buy anything.

Don't always wear your crystal beads jewelry as oil from your makeup, skin, and hairspray will make them lose their sparkle and shine which is what for they are famous!

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