lets Citizen Journalists Share Events in Gaza with the World via Cell phones

Traditional, mainstream media is in flux. Just a few years ago no one would have challenged the media’s top-down publishing structure, but the birth of social media and citizen journalism has given a new perspective to the news. Media consultants Shayne Bowman and Chris Willis defined citizen journalism as “playing an active role in the process of collecting, reporting, analyzing and disseminating news and information” with the intention to “provide independent, reliable, accurate, wide-ranging and relevant information that a democracy requires.” Now, anyone can become a publisher with cheap, easily available technology. has set up a page called The Events in Gaza , — to which citizen journalists can contribute via their cell phones. Erik Sundelof of Allvoices says “The whole world is turning their heads to events in Gaza. The effects will be long-lasting in the region as well as around the world. Ultimately this will cause suffering to a lot of innocent people on both sides in the area around Gaza. I believe it is time for us to open a dialogue about these events and what they mean to us as a global society. “
The ubiquitous availability of web-accessible camera phones has increased the incidents of direct reporting from event eyewitnesses. The recent events in Mumbai and now the Middle East have proven this, and we now know the best resources come from inside the story. Make your voice heard.

For text via cell phones:
1) Start your text message (SMS) start your message with @2122268. Example: @2122268 These are tragic events.
2) For Israel, Palestine and Lebanon: send your SMS +45-609-910-280. (For Orange in Israel use +61-427-229-537)
3) For all other countries, you will find the right number for you to use at

To contribute images or videos via cell phones:

1) Start the subject line with @2122268
2) Send an email or MMS to
(Citizen Journalists can also contribute via PC directly to the site.)
Allvoices helps people express their views immediately by writing about what concerns them and provides a platform to update the event regularly. was created to allow citizen reporting from any part of the world. The discussions range from banal to thought- provoking, but all are interesting. The writers are experts, novices, bloggers, writers, and journalists, each having a thought to share and a view to express. Register now at and start contributing.

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