Indoor Motion Sickness

though it may seem to you my hands move with a quickness
i swear i'm coming down something fatal- a sickness
not from H1N1 swine flue... no... but it feels something of that nature
i am certainly no doctor, so i could not tell you the nomenclature
i believe it comes from being trapped- inside- no fresh air
i see home, but where is dad? on to his next meal? i don't care
hypocrisy is all i feel- i look around; he's drowned- out but up
irritatingly obsessive- oblivious to me- family at home? no luck...
need any help? with that... not my pills, your drug- alcohol..
if i asked for a sip, what would you say? would it appall?
relax you? would you give it? this is ridiculous, is it not?
i just want a sane place to be- at home- SOME food, caffeine.. pot...
nothing other than that, but why am i at home and it's not here?
trapped, as the contents of his glass spin him out of control, unclear
impatient with all but his 'goal' (whatever that is)- mine is just being
noticed for being clear-headed, not committed- i've lost my meaning...

Remote Control Reality Check

flipping through channels- frantic
catching seconds of sequels and repeats
ridiculous ‘news’ stories, dumb antics
a television signal uninterrupted impedes
remote control in hand- surfing
ad wars on late night- ‘turf wars’
on all day and night- sure thing
how are you not? i would be sore
sitting all day, remotely in command
what’s in ‘the tube’? i just don’t understand
how you sit there for hours on end
drinking your Ice, halfway taking it in
watching it again because you forget
hand over the remote and i’ll make you a bet
command-control central is right there in your fingers
but not while your a** is stuck in a recliner.

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