What does internal peace mean for you? Does it mean a place of sanctuary where you can come home from stressful situations and find that place of safety away from the ‘cares of the world’? Does it mean a place where you can be yourself without the facade many of us wear throughout the day so that people won’t know how we really feel? Or is this place (often our home) one more place where we need to defend ourselves from the ongoing onslaught of anger, hostility, and power games that are so often the measure of our lives in the 21st century?

The dictionary defines internal as: having to do with or situated inside of the body; of relating to, or existing within the mind. Peace is defined as: a state of calm and quiet; freedom from disturbing thoughts; and an agreement to end hostilities. For the purpose of this article I will combine these two notions and define internal peace as: the integration of our thoughts and feelings culminating in a state of tranquility and harmony. One of the most important keys for this tranquility and harmony or ‘peace of mind’ as it is often called, is to honour our emotional nature and find methods to express feelings in appropriate ways that allow us to release them.

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Comment by Rev. Kriss Siler on May 12, 2009 at 11:37am
It is with love and deep gratitude that I accept your friendship request, Harinder. As a spiritual being having a human experience and as a fully ordained non-denominational, non-sectarian Spiritual Peacemaking Minister I have many thoughts on the subject of peace. However, first I would like to ask if everyone believes the words "internal" and "inner" are synonymous? They are similar, yet are they the same? There is a reason I ask this question, however, I would like to hear feedback before I give my reason.

Second, I noted that many talk of "love," yet few sign off using the term "love," preferring instead words such as "kind regards," "my best to you," etc. Why? Again, I have a reason for asking this question and will share my reason following feedback from this group.

Third, since this is a forum about Peace (iPeace), I would like to share with everyone "The Five Steps to Peace" as put forth by Neale Donald Walsch in 2002 from one of his CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD books. "Peace will be attained when we, as human beings . . .

*P*ermit ourselves to acknowledge that some of our old beliefs about God and about Life are no longer working.
*E*xplore the possibility that there is something we do not understand about God and about Life, the understanding of which could change everything.
*A*nnounce that we are willing for new understandings of God and Life to now be brought forth, understandings that could produce a new way of life on this planet.
*C*ourageously examine these new understandings and, if they align with our personal inner truth and knowing, to enlarge our belief system to include them.
*E*xpress our lives as a demonstration of our highest beliefs, rather than as a denial of them."

There is a power and a magical mystery that lives within everyone and everything in the universe. As St. Francis of Assisi said, "There are beautiful and wild forces within us." In describing the tremendous magnitude of this power, the Sufi poet Jalaluddin Rumi, as translated by Daniel Ladinsky, wrote, "If you put your soul against this oar with me, the power that made the universe will enter your sinew from a souce not outside your limbs, but from a holy realm that lives in us." The quotes in this paragraph are from Gregg Braden's book SECRETS OF THE LOST MODE OF PRAYER: THE HIDDEN POWER OF BEAUTY, BLESSING, WISDOM AND HURT. And, so I ask another question: What do you believe this power is and where is it?

It is now after 2:30 AM in Colorado, USA, so I will close for now. I want everyone to know that I find this conversation very engaging and astute. Thank you, Harinder and everyone else who is particpating in this forum.

Love always and all ways,

Rev. Kriss Siler

PS. "God has no religion," (M. Gandhi) and neither do I.
Comment by ♥Peace+World~Unity~Angel♥ on May 6, 2009 at 3:00pm
LOVE IS THE KEY - pls. join me in my network I CHOOSE LOVE : http://wechooselove.ning.com/profile/PeaceAngel_IRENE
Comment by Sukhpreet Kaur on May 4, 2009 at 2:52pm
Hello Susan,

It's good to know that you have enjoyed reading the conversation. Well, as per your interest, I would like you to visit some of the Art related discussions in this forum at http://slides.ning.com/group/art

Hope you will like them too :)

Comment by susan chandel on May 4, 2009 at 2:18pm
I have enjoyed reading this conversation about inner peace. For me working on an art project is most centering.
Comment by Sukhpreet Kaur on May 4, 2009 at 9:22am
I agree with you that love is inside us and people are just the objects. We have enough love inside us which we keep on sharing with the ones who are near us. Love has no boundaries and end, hence we can love anyone at anytime. It is the feeling which is so true for pure.

One should have pure heart and feelings inside and be open to love all human beings. Peace can only reside in a pure and true heart. I wish everyone to be honest and let peace reside inn.

Comment by Harinder Pal Singh on May 4, 2009 at 9:15am
Hi My dear friend Imelda Maguire ,

First of all my true solutes to your great words as it is the same i feel like for myself.

I am really very much impressed from your thoughts that you expressed here and i am really very much thankful to you for these valueable thoughts.

I also wanna express some thing what i feel about this unconditional love for myself.

I feel - love is inside me. We only connect with the person who is interested in sharing love and people keep on changing their availability for us. It is okay not to be worried about presence of other people in our life because main source of love is inside us, it is the main object. People are just subjects, who keep on coming and going. Who keep on shutting and opening up their hearts for our love. It’s their choice. Our only choice is to be open to love and remain available for the next person and keep connected with the love source inside our-self.

This is all for this time.I look forward to reading more of your wisdom and hoping for a great discussion ahead.

Kind Regards,

Comment by Harinder Pal Singh on May 2, 2009 at 1:14pm
Hey Louise ,

First of all greetings from my side,

I am really very much impressed from your thoughts that you expressed here and i am really very much thankful to you for these valueable and noesis ful thoughts.

I agree with you peace can be achieved only,when we have the feeling that all other humans are just same as we indvidually are and respect them as they are as we understand them after changing them then it is not possible to achieve peace and we have to respect humanity and its feelings.if we love to live in a peceful environment then why not others so this should be the actual feeling in understanding each other.
If all humans thinks like this and love others life as much as he loves his life,then there will be no fight and no terrorism on this world and we should be able to achieve our goal to make earth peaceful.

Well Louise,This is all i have at the moment.
Hoping to carry forward in future and really feeling very happy to be intouch with a thoughtful and wise personality like you.

Kind Regards,

Comment by Sukhpreet Kaur on April 16, 2009 at 3:21pm
Gandi Ji Says..... If we are to reach real peace in the world we shall have to begin with children; and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won't have to struggle; we won't have to pass fruitless ideal resolutions, but we shall go from love to love and peace to peace, until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which consciously or unconsciously the whole world is hungering.

I would also like to share a nice presentation on Peace Quotes by Sunil Rawat

Uploaded on authorSTREAM by Sunil_Rawat

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