Anchoring Abundance ~ Step #3 ~ Trust and Love Yourself

Trust is opening our hearts, believing in ourselves, and in the abundance of the universe. We know the universe is loving, abundant and supportive of our higher good. We are a part in the process of creating and we have the ability to draw effortlessly what we desire to ourselves when we create with our hearts.

As we move into the 5D concept of abundance we gain a sense of contentment. This provides balance and ignites the flow, naturally magnetizing abundance towards us. It allows us to create a vibration that gives birth to abundance instead of concern over what we have created externally in the world of form. Following our joy is one way to help us focus on our inner sense of well being.

Expecting the best things to happen, believing in our ability to create what we want, and knowing we deserve to have it is what trust and love is all about. We demonstrate trust by listening to our inner guidance and putting our ideas into action. Knowing what we intend to create sends out energy to the universe, which magnetizes certain people and events to us. We win when we trust that process!

Trust is the link between the mental and the physical world. It provides continuity during the gap between the conception of the desire and its actual manifestation. Our dreams are already real on the mental plane and just waiting for the perfect time to appear in our physical reality. We can trust our inner guidance to bring the right things to us at just the right time.

Preparing our vibration for the ideal outcome is part of the process. There may be a time period required for us to raise our vibration to align the frequency with what we desire. Trust that everything comes at the perfect time and in the most perfect way. The time to exercise our trust is during the gap between our desire and its manifestation. We move through this time best by having courage and following through with the actions we are guided to take while embracing a perpetual state of gratitude. It is important to trust that things arrive in perfect timing; our inner guidance knows when we are ready for them.

Do you love what you are doing and do your activities contribute to the joy in your life? As long as you are doing things that feel meaningful to you and you follow your joy, you will create your wildest dreams. The key is to focus with gratitude on the gifts already present in your life rather than focusing on what is not appearing. Many things first appear as the essence of what we desire and under close examination, we may be pleasantly surprised to see they are already realized.

One crucial act in our financial freedom is the process of simply letting go and surrendering to our higher good. When we are living and co-creating consciously with the loving universe the timing of that which we desire is always impeccable as we move up the ascension spiral.

Our universe works in perfect ways and is always teaching us what we need to learn to become more powerful. Everything that occurs is happening so we may achieve our greatest potential, awaken our inner strength, and gain new levels of mastery. Know that this is a loving, generous, abundant, and caring universe and we will always be given what serves us best. This is your birthright and the TRUE nature of abundance.

On our show "Human Harmonics: Anchoring Abundance" this Wednesday (Free Evolutionary Radio 1:00 p.m. MST, 3:00 p.m. EDT), we'll be taking you on a journey to associate with deeper levels of trust and love. In this week's meditation we will return to our ancient state of boundless abundance. We will visit zero point to restructure our belief system, allowing us to return to our free and unencumbered essence. Reconnect to the fully abundant creator being with limitless power you have always been. (Meditation now available.) Come join us for this transformational experience as we head toward 2012 and The Golden Age.

If you are unable to be online for our radio show live, you are welcome to call in and listen by dialing (347) 996-5223 or access the show later from the archives where it will also be available as a pod cast for your MP3 player.

Until then, we'd love to see you at our new Harmonic Community (click here) where we have begun work on several different co-creative projects.

May you give unconditionally, make a positive difference and receive the blessings you so richly deserve this week.

L(¨`·.·´¨) Light ♥
O`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) Joy and ♥
V¨`·.·´¨)¸.·´ Blessings ♥
E`·.¸.·´ Erica and Dwaine ♥
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