assemble simple in Britain after exported

nti-circumvention investigation.The prosecution "charges" British U.K.C arbonandGraphite company in anti-dumping investigation affirmative preliminary after 2 months, starting from the Chinese cooperation manufacturers to import product components, and then to assemble simple in Britain after exported to the United States, in order to circumvent anti-dumping ruling.Investigation authority after consulting the relevant interested parties, decide cases questionnaire submission and review schedule, is expected to make a final determination within 300 days.

The department of energy's Pacific northwest national laboratory, china graphite for sale Princeton university, and researchers at the university of Washington state, pullman graphene and mixed metal oxide nanoparticles, developed a nanoparticle graphene composite fuel cell catalysts, the results of this "20151006xrd" research graphite machining services has been published in the journal of the American chemical society "online.They first crystallization of the indium tin oxide nanoparticles on graphene through special graphite material suppliers processing, then add nano platinum and test the performance of the material.The experimental results show that did not join the indium tin oxide, platinum atomic gathered at the surface of graphite, but after joining indium tin oxide, platinum can spread very well.The composites than the separate use of graphene and commonly used activated carbon has better durability, stability and corrosion resistance.The researchers believe that the results of the study will help to improve the design of the fuel cell.The team is currently testing the effect of composite catalyst used in the experiment of the fuel cell, in order xrd graphite manufacturing to determine its effect and durability in real conditions.

And the rare earth industry, China's low-end of graphite industry development is serious injury, resource protection and industrial upgrading.With the rapid development of modern science and technology and national constantly expanded in the field of new materials, new energy, strategically dominant: the same fate as the graphite industry

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