Ask yourself this question:

If we aren’t awake to our self (our true Divine nature) then what is it that we are calling “self”?


It is the darkness that we are calling “self”.  For if we are awake to our self, we know we are ONE with the Living Light, and there would be no place of need within us for any separate sense of “self”.


Why do we study metaphysics and Spirituality?  What is it we hope to gain?  What is the end-game?  What is the Prize?


Now I want you to ask your self another question:

Who or what is it that “wants” that prize?


It is the darkness that wants the prize.  It is only the darkness that can be transformed by the Light.  The Light does NOT seek to save itself, it is already saved and of this there has NEVER been any doubt.


On another note …


There is a scripture that goes something like this:

The light of the body is the EYE.  That is to say the only “light” that the body (the world of form) knows is of the sort that enters through the eye.  This is a reference to “perception”.


If therefore thine eye be Single, thy whole body shall be full of Light.

But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.  If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!  No man can serve two masters: for he will Love the one and Hate the other; or he will hold to the one and despise the other.


The term evil here does NOT mean what would traditionally be implied by such a statement.  It doesn’t mean that we will Love God and hate the world (or some diabolical counterpart to God), or that we will Love the world and hate God.  This statement doesn’t reference two separate entities, one Divine, and one NOT Divine, at all.  It is a reference to the nature and processes of a mind divided.  It means a mind divided within itself, against itself that serves only to tempt itself.


No man can serve a divided mind (two masters), for a mind divided operates ONLY in polar opposites (duality).  It is a mind that can only know itself through some sort of comparison to something seen as NOT self.  It will see everything as either “good” or “evil”.  Have you ever felt like you have more than one master living in your mind?  That is because you do, they are masters from the past, and the future.  These two ideas, through our lack of understanding of them, direct ALL of our thinking.  The past and the future are just two imaginary views of one-and-the-same idea.


Also, when I speak of darkness, I am NOT making a qualitative judgment about something being good or evil.  What I am referring to are simply those aspects of our inherent nature into which we have yet to bring the Light.  Thus, to our awareness they remain dark, and since we are dwelling as this sense of ourselves that lives from this darkness, we fail to recognize that we are the Light and that it is only our own thoughts and beliefs that allow us to erect the barriers to our awareness of that Light.  We are the blind being led by the blind by our own hand.  We blindly follow our mind anywhere it takes us, without question.  Even as it abuses us and tells us what failures we are or how inadequate we are.  We just follow.  This nature must live from the darkness, or it wouldn’t be able to recognize it as the darkness that it’s trying to escape.  For where there is Light, there is NO darkness.  Darkness has NO effect on Light, as mentioned above: it is only the darkness that is transformed by the Light.  Do we ever actually “see the Light”?  Or rather do we simply see what the Light illuminates in us?


Would you be willing to see and recognize the nature of a divided mind?

Here are a couple of perfect examples:


Have you ever had something happen that made you upset?  Then while you were upset, you tell yourself that you shouldn’t be upset over whatever it was that upset you?


Has your mind ever told you to do something, and then after you do it, told you what an idiot you are for doing it?


Can a mind be any more divided than this?


Thought is a CLOSED system that can only feed upon itself.  Any thought we have, any thought at all, is based entirely in the past, and has ONLY itself for counsel.  Even the seeming thoughts of the future stem from the images we construct from past events rearranged in attempts to please us.  Otherwise, how could we possibly fear (pre-judge) a future event, unless we have some past experience to justify our fear.


Perfect Health and Clarity of Mind,

-- Victor

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