Ballots And Bullets, Which Do We Choose?
Either One Someone Loses,
For There Is Danger In Each,
Lessons Are Learned, Past Mistakes Speak,
Bullets Are Cheap, War Is A Mistake,
They Turn A Weak Man Into A Strong One, They Will Take,
Through Bloodshed For A Bullet Has No Brain, Many Will Die,
Hear The Scores Of Mothers While They Cry,
A Ballot Marked Under The Shadow Of A Gun,
Forced To Make Your Mark, It’s A Predictable Outcome,
One Day The Entire World Will Change,
The Bullets Will Be Gone, The Ballot Takes It’s Place,
Some Will Win, Some Will Lose,
A Free Vote, All Will Choose,
Men Will Speak With The Ballot,
No More Will We Answer With The Bullet,
May It Be Someday Soon….

©2009 C Harasemchuk

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