Be Pleasing to the Geode , that is, the G.OD.

"No prophet is accepted in his own village; no physician heals those who know him."
Gospel of Thomas

These are the words of a Teacher for me.
Maybe a T-cher T-Shirt would be appropriate. It could read...

"Have a great number of friends, but not counselors. First, examine your counselor, for do not honor anyone who flatters. Their word, to be sure, is sweet as honey, but their heart is full of hellebore. For whenever they think that they have become a reliable friend, then they will deceitfully turn against you, and they will cast you down into the mire.

Do not trust anyone as a friend, for this whole world has come into being deceitfully, and every man is troubled in vain. All things of the world are not profitable, but they happen in vain. There is no one, not even a brother (who is trustworthy), since each one is seeking his own advantage.

My son, do not have anyone as a friend, but if you do acquire one, do not entrust yourself to him. Entrust yourself to God alone as father and as friend. For everyone proceeds deceitfully, while the whole earth is full of suffering and pain - things in which there is no profit.

If you wish to pass your life in quiet, do not keep company with anyone. And if you do keep company with them, be as if you do not. Be pleasing to God, and you will not need anyone."

Teachings of Silvanus

In this perspective, i see God is the Body, the geode (G.OD). It is the arc carrying the christing crystal. I listen to the body, just as a ruler of a country is to listen to the needs of its Body. I listen. There is lesson in the listen.

There are a multitude of universes in the body. I am ignorant of this. I am learning.

In learning Gnosis, i see that we are the numbered hosts. Being a 'chosen' one is not a free ride scholarship. Jesus laughs at our quandaries. We will be persecuted, cast out when we are down, accused of crimes falsely.

We are to step away from our brothers and mothers at the door. That is, the popular opinion and those who think they know best. Why? These friends and family will attempt to lock you in a padded cell because they 'love' you.

"They" are not our true family. They are images of imagination. They are a cast of characters in our matrix employed to teach us how to Stand.

[see How Does A Toe Balance An Elephant blog. This is its prelude.]

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