Being a Generator of Hope
Ascended Master, Serapis Bey’s Weekly Message ~ April 11 – 18, 2014
Received by Julie Miller
April 11, 2014



It is easy to feel overwhelmed by all the goings on these days…so many world-wide events occurring nearly every day; enough to give you whiplash from the swiftness of their impending arrival. It is common and normal for you to want to help somehow even if you are unsure how you can help. It is too easy dear ones to lose hope when the world around you sometimes seems as if it’s unraveling before your very eyes. Fortunately, loss of hope does not have to be the direction to take. You can still be hopeful and optimistic.


It is important to clarify what hope is. Hope is something that is made by you. It is does not magically appear from an external source. Inside each of you is the capacity to produce hope. It is critical to your own development and well-being that you learn to nurture this hope as it affects the very lives of those closest to you.


As there are so many conflicts coming into public awareness it is even more necessary to learn to overcome any fear and to allow your hope-filled self to take charge of any situation that crosses your path with optimism. You can also build more hope into your lives in many creative and nurturing ways. Don’t forget as you move along your current path to be kind to yourself. We know you have huge responsibilities that often include taking care of others, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Give yourself the same love, care and attention…you deserve it! Allow yourself some quiet time with a cup of tea, a good book where you can lose yourself, listen to some soothing music, or whatever else brings you comfort. It may only be for a few minutes a day, but when you give yourself permission to rest, the care you give yourself is transformative and lasting.


Silence, many dear souls don’t like to be alone, they don’t like the silence, many find silence to be unbearable but in truth Silence is when you can actually bring your total self into quiet. It is when you can bring your busy mind peace and this peace travels and flows throughout your entire body from the inside out. Give yourself a few minutes each day with a lit candle to pray, meditate or just to contemplate. You don’t have to invoke any specific deity, just focus on the candle’s flame and allow its gentle and rhythmic dance to connect with you, allow its light to help heal and nurture you. Remember the more good you do for yourself, the more hope you will generate.


Because of the overwhelming supply of news, information and anything else the media is saturating you with, it is even more vital than ever to learn to curtail the intake of what the media is sharing. Learn to choose one media form to be your news information, you only need one, not two or three or more. And make an effort to not watch the news before you retire for the day. Remember if there is any new news it will be waiting the next day after you’ve had a good night’s rest.


Each day is meant to be treated like a special gift from God and each of you fill this beautiful gift of a new day with your precious selves. Appreciate all that you have, all that is before you even if its rain, snow, sun, traffic, loud crowds, or other things that you have to contend with each day and appreciate all the people that make this planet, your global backyard as their home. It is unnecessary to compare yourself to another since all you see is their external package, you have no indication whatsoever what their own journey and path is like. Focus on the here and now, respect who you are, where you are in life and respect others for the same reasons. You may be travelling different directions but each of you are worthy of respect and appreciation as you move along.


A positive and encouraging practice is making a list each day that includes at least three things that you are grateful for and each day add more to that list. By the end of the week, you look back and see what you have added and feel an inner glow take over and this inner glow feels good. What you have written simply clarifies the many things you appreciate and value and they help to generate more hope each day.


Your actions and words can demonstrate not only your love for others but as well as your hope and well-wishing that is filled with goodness and light. Hugs, kind words left in quick little notes are great ways to show others you care and it is important to be indiscriminately lavish when you share your kindness with hugs, kind words or other ways that demonstrate your care and hope-filled nature.


When it is possible dear ones, go out of way and make a difference to someone else. This could be simply by opening a door for someone, letting someone elderly have your seat on the bus, giving to your food-bank, donating to a local charity; the list is endless but when you step out and help others, you are increasing hope in yourself and in them. Every time you purposely and unconditionally help another, you are helping to make a difference in that person’s life and ultimately your own and the energy emitted from the sharing of your compassion will be felt by others. We know it can be difficult sometimes to reach to others when they are in need but it becomes easier and you begin to recognize the good feeling you get every time you do.


Remember dear ones; it is not possible for you to fix the entire world all at once and all on your own. But by reaching to mend and fix the part of the world that you can reach, that you can help, then you are helping to peace, hope and compassion to that part of the world and the difference you make is astronomical. You will know how and what ways you are meant to help. Remind yourself that anything you give that comes from the heart regardless of the size of your giving is helping to make a positive and hope-filled difference.


Adding more acts of kindness, accumulating positive and dramatic changes continually is what is needed. Sporadic acts of kindness are helpful but by increasing your acts of kindness each and every day you create a momentum of positive flow of peace and hope that has nurturing, healing and calming effects…it brings all kinds of people together for the greater good.


One of the most powerful and calming things you can do for yourself and for others dear ones is to demonstrate the purity of your soul. A pure hearted, loving soul shines like a beacon. Even in the darkest of storms that someone can possible weather, someone shining their soul light will bravely demonstrate great depths of mercy and kindness to those that find themselves in dark and troubled waters. The fierceness of their love and kindness is like that of a candle’s flame in a darkened room…it gives hope and promise. Remember the ones that are in those dark and troubled waters will be attracted by the purity of your soul’s light and it will be your beautiful light that will help bring calm to their storm. Peace will be found once again.


Yes dear ones there will be times when you will feel discouraged. But you don’t have to allow those feelings to own you; you don’t have to go down that hopeless filled path. You do have the choice to continue the path of hope and to entertain beautiful thoughts that are loving, peaceful and kind. Let hope become part of your personal entourage of skills, strengths and capabilities; after all it is already a part of you…it only needs attention from you to make it strong.


Today is a great day, a new day that speaks richly of hope, newness and promise. Today and every day is filled with endless opportunities to learn, to grow, to love more, to be kinder, to take new directions, to end old ways in favour for new light-filled ways. Make today be the beginning of something new, something that gives and nurtures hope, something that speaks YOU all the way through.


And so it is…


I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller 

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