as could be understood from my previous posts, i blame the hamas behavior for the situation around gaza no less than i blame the israeli side, & i also blame the world that is persecuting israel non proportionally. it is important to say these things - both have to undergo a dramatic change - especially the 1st one, but also the 2nd leads to many wrongs & dangers.
anyhow - i would like to dedicate this post for the morality of the israeli side.
israelis always declare that the idf is the most moral army in the world. i don't know if it's true. sure - from the outside much of the public certainly think it's a jock. but then again - there are many strong claims that indicates that relatively the idf is actually quite moral. anyhow - either way - i think that there's a lot of room for improvement. i would like israel to not use this claim in order to feel ok with itself, but rather to use that claim as a moto. to try over & over to be as moral as it can.
harming civilians as bad as was done in the resent operation in gaza can't be moral. even if it is relatively moral, as many israelis try hard to believe, whether it's true or not - it is not really moral. & that's not the 1st time israel is harming civilians.
the idf, so it is said, had gone under a great deal of improvement. this is, if we believe it, the main cause why this operation is regarded in israel as a success - at least in pure military aspect, although many also mocking the idf for that claim, cause it didn't faced an army actually. nevertheless - hamas was taken as a serious threat in the israeli eyes, (again - there is a question whether that was justified, but that's for another discussion) & this war had to be compared to the lebanon war 2 & a half years ago.
anyhow - if the army is successful it's not bad news, but my point is that the army should had found means to get similar results WITHOUT harming civilians so bad. that is of course on top of that that the diplomacy should had achieved peace, or something similar, & that israel should had made the lives of the gazans reasonable - which was definitely not the case in the years before the operation.
well - what was done was done. i'm nit saying we shouldn't regret or compensate, but that's a bit off topic. now we should look forward. i'm not claiming that the idf shouldn't prepare to win the next battle, but i think both the idf & the government should think as seriously on how they're really becoming as moral as possible. so - 1st of all - try really hard to make peace, & in any case - make the gazans lives better. much better. that's alone would maybe secure a better future, & anyhow - that's our moral duty.
but 2nd - pot a lot of effort on focusing in developing means to fight, if it must happen, & i hope not, with the minimum damage to the innocent people as possible. israel is proud in its sophistication & its ingeniousness - well - prove it also in this very important aspect - one of the most important.
i suspect israel attack on gaza was far too brutal - i guess it would be debated. but anyhow - i want that in the future it would be crystal clear that israel is indeed very moral. as moral as we can get.
in addition, although a bit off topic, i think israel has to develop much more seriously & urgently hi tech means to protect itself - maybe it's not the place to specify, & anyhow - i'm not an expert, but again - also in this field from the little i know i think much more can be done, & i leave in this context the question if strategically this attitude is correct, but sure - the other side must realize that violence is not the way!

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