Being the Essence of The 5th Dimension ~ Valuing Your Vibration

Seven Hearts by Jim Warren

Last week we talked about the ascension process. We learned to raise our vibration by choosing 5D responses over the automatic pre-conditioned reactions we typically have for 3D dilemmas. We came to understand we ARE powerful enough to create our own reality. This week we'll talk about becoming the essence of the 5th dimension and valuing your vibration. We will discuss how you become a responsible manager of yourself and the things you are creating.

Being human is all about the physical, external world; whereas, being your “beingness” is etheric. It’s what you think about, what you create in your mind and the essence of how that makes you feel. It's your imagination and recognizing how powerful it truly is. THAT power is the 5th dimensional state of “beingness” or "ISness." It is where miracles and magic happen.

Knowing you're in 5D is the moment when you realize the joy of actually being on the Earth plane. You no longer miss the planet you came from, because you recognize it's right here. This IS the prize. This is the key. This Earth incarnation is the only place we have an opportunity to learn to connect to and "become" source energy.

What is the road map for a new 5D activated person? As your awareness increases, you integrate unconditional love for yourself and the world around you. Proof of this integration is being able to both give and receive love. Unconditional LOVE is where the ascension process begins. As soon as you love yourself, you are no longer afraid to be yourself. You become your truth. You become more committed to your vibration. As soon as you love the world around you, you see miracles and the divine in all things. You have a new knowing of what “We are all One” means.

As a 5D person, your internal senses...your inner guide, makes you more aware of changes and shifts within. Your emotions will now alert you to when it's time to stop, drop and shift. You are able to realign and center yourself at will and this shift can happen very quickly. You experience a new and very different feeling in which you are able to detach and have power over situations which in the past would have sent you spinning.

Committing to this new 5D vibration requires taking responsibility for what you are allowing in your life. On our radio show this Wednesday (1:00 p.m. MT, 3:00 p.m. EDT): we will discuss the choices involved at this higher vibration, such as inclusion instead of exclusion, being co-creative instead of competitive, trusting instead of giving into doubt and worry, divinity instead of hierarchy, unity instead of separation and "ISness" instead of duality.

We hope to bring you into a state of awareness that will empower you in making choices and aid you in your ascension process. These are crucial steps required for making the transition to 2012 and beyond. Awakening and ascension will happen for Earth and those vibrating at her level. Come join us as we journey down the path to this vibration and arrive at our divinity.

If you are unable to be online for our radio show live, you are welcome to call in and listen by dialing (347) 996-5223 or access the show later from the archives where it will also be available as a podcast for your MP3 player.

Until then, we'd love to see you at our new Harmonic Community (click here) where we have begun work on several different co-creative projects.

Wishing you great love and light in your week ahead,

Erica and Dwaine
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