Beloved Dear Friends, I am Horrified... Actually.

One wise these NING episodes are a crisis which can really bring good news to all of us, free users of NING.

I was not directly communicaterd ANYTHING from NING directory, but I feel a bit sad with their decision, and the lettar of the young Jason Rosenthal, NING one of the directors.

Actually, I am HORRIFIED.

I wrote them a letter few moments ago, so sad I am, but so hopeful also.

perhaps it is right what Osho states:

every moment of crisis is alsov ery helpful, jsut used with awareness.


My letter as such was like this, if you allow me.

I do not habve any complçaint ot grudge. Not at all.

Just a feeling of loss.


Hallo Mr. Jason Rosenthal, hallo beloved people.
I have written few times and I was so happy.
Dear Jason, namaste. OM.
I nearly can't believe you have written and propagated those words in your letter (in other words) kicking us out from NING. Do you really thing I feel happy on being dishonoured?
Actually I am doing my best not to hate you at all.
I don't have any envy also of you, becuase you have money and all the power and I do not.
But one thing is absolutely certain.
If you would ask all free users from NING for ONE single dollar, you would probably have 100.000 dollars a months in the pocket of NING, which is a really significant money and cypher.
I have a beautiful Indian Master, who is very respected all over the world, and always calls me back to reassure my dignity.
What I understood from your freedom to destroy our aims, our photographs, our dignity, our joy, our video makings is very ugly, very ugly. You can continue smiling to your lovely companions of PREMIUM sites and managing.
You can smile to your family, but if there is a God, I would appreciate to watch the day you will face God... and probably he will give you a gift. He will say... congratulations Jason, you were authentic. That's what any God desires, that we are authentic.

{Notice, please that I do not have any hate of yours, not at all, please.]
But, please, remember that Mr. Adolph was authentic also, and he alone killed 6.000.000 of some of our fellows in Europe. This way, as far as A.H. was auithentic, he should ALSO be regarded and permiumed by GOD, I presume. he was, as you are, authentic.
If I am wrong and understood badly your honest words that you would DIRECT us to other people and servers, cool, cold, happy seemingly and courteous, you will perhaps forgive me.
But what I understood of the whole situation is that you do not care at all, that hundreds of people are sad and nearly in panic because of your polited decision.
It really seems, by your gentle smile in this portrait there, that you don't care at all about our feelings.
let us remind that you did not refer to us as human beings, you did not direct your speeches to us, asking for apologizes on your decisions and actitudes. NO.
You simply declared you are going to close access of free people to their sites. A very nazi behaviour, man.
anand TAZA - in the name of Saint Germain and Osho. Thank you.

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