Come on class, let’s gather
'round for our daily lesson
The subject is Life
and you will be taught
each day has it’s blessing

You will also learn,
that all things happen
for a reason
try to understand
life changes like
the seasons

Copper leaves fall
strife drops its ball
God calls our loved ones home
angelic souls overcome
us, like waves
of ocean foam

We must remember loved
ones, as they are alive and well
That’s the way their
spirits live, the sick body
was merely a shell

Their spirits soar and visit
to make sure we are good
Reminding us to
embrace each day
living as we should

Though we grieve and miss
them much, and yearn for
their tingling touch
We must let go in time,
releasing our mourning crutch

So class, you are dismissed
now, go on about your day
Feeling close to loved
ones, who are never far away

African American Graphics
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By Antoinette Denise Johnson
Copyright © 2009

Excerpt From
COMING FEB. 17, 2009

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Comment by Antoinette Denise Johnson on April 7, 2009 at 9:01pm
Thank you so much for your beautiful thoughts, and this truly peaceful image!
Peace & Blessings!~Antoinette
Comment by Antoinette Denise Johnson on February 23, 2009 at 9:42pm
Thank you so much for this awesome review. Not only do I have gratitude, but I appreciate the ability to be able to make the reader feel, what I was feeling when I wrote the words. "Your heart sounds like it has gone through a mammogram!" Wow, what a metaphor, that couldn't be truer! I really hope you get a chance to read more of my poetry, because "BLESSING LESSON 101" was a good day poem! So your metaphor, I might need to borrow that one, if it's okaY!~SmileS & Blessings!~Antoinette
Comment by Kristi on February 23, 2009 at 9:26pm
The balance of your writing allows the words to flow off the tongue with ease. I like this. Writing is to have a geometry rhyme and count to it. Like music and all things. It is healing to write our dripping heart out on the screen. Your heart sounds like it has gone through a mammogram. Those that suffer most have a greater perception of Truth. Great things are stored in you, Antoinette. You are awakening Man.

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