Hear The Sounds Of War,
Hear Those Guns Roar,
Again Our Countries Young Die,
Many A Mother Will Cry,
Fields And Desert Stained With Red,
The Blood Is Left From The Dead,
Why Must Man Be This Way?
Why Must We Hate?
There Is No Wrong, There Is No Right,
There Is No Black, There Is No White,
Hate Is Like A Cancer It Grows,
Once It Starts, Fast It Goes,
For Democracy And Freedom We Say,
End Tyranny And Oppression, Sweep It Away,
Confusion About The Others Beliefs,
Repeating Like The Great Crusades, It So Seems,
When Victory Happens In That Faraway Land,
Have We Won? Our Flag We Will Plant,
For No One Wins In War,
Many Are Dead Hearts Are Torn,
A Generation Will Die,
Many A Mother Will Cry,
Bloody, Bloody War…

©2009 C Harasemchuk

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