Brainsbook on Networking: Editorial by Tom Merilahti

“It is the function of creative people to perceive relations between thoughts, or things, or forms of expressions that seem utterly different, and to be able to Connect the seemingly Unconnected”. –William Plomer


Watch a large flock of birds in flight in the city. It is a liquid mass of self-propelling feathers. The flock swoops, dives and turns on a mark, before settling en masse on another roof.

Who gives the orders? Which ex- dinosaur says; ‘Turn right at the plane tree, lads’? Nobody. A flock of birds has no leader. A shoal of fish has no leader.

Who directs your brain’s hundred billion neurons to connect up? Who, in reality, directs the Internet? No-one. These are all Self Organising Systems, and it is the new way to look at business structures.

Social networks can also been perceived as self organising and self regulating systems.

But, can social networks be utilized even in order to socialize business structures?
Can systems work with only Indians and no Cowboys?


I have been working since 1981 e.g. as an entrepreneur, marketing integrator, communication coordinator and project manager, and as a partner of divergent marketing, advertising & PR agencies. The structures of the agencies in question are traditionally built up, more or less, out of “fixed” teams of highly rewarded “talents”. On the other side, I have been working e.g. as a marketing manager of traditional organisations and in the media. These traditional organisations and departments have at least one thing in common. They are all fighting each other. All the parties should be humanized about that Collaboration is the New Economy!

Reflecting back to these grounds, I have been able to create and build-up a large professional network of professionals even before the internet. By this I founded and designed Synergialaitos.Com ("The Synergy Society") in 1999 in order to start building-up a virtual organization. When openBC (XING) was launched in Finland in 2004, it led to an entirely new way of thinking and to build-up my network even globally.

The Synergialaitos.Com name and concept was internationalized and renamed as SICU, which is the acronym of the name and slogan: Synergy Integrated - Connects the Unconnected.

Synergy is energy moving in-sync. It is an elusive state of mind that occupies much of our daily strivings. Simply, it's the pressing desire to be happy. The slogan is not only about connecting people, but also, about how different ideas, thoughts & things can be connected into new concepts, projects and communication wholes.

The human factor

The coming of the industrial age was a swinging of the pendulum away from people as people, but as widgets/objects to be utilized in the workplace. The idea of reducing people and tasks to the lowest common denominator and oversimplification of functions that can be reproduced and duplicated is utterly dehumanizing.

With the coming of the “Relationship Economy”, these ideas no longer hold sway. People are not demographics that can be categorized and put into convenient labels and boxes. The populism of the internet is complex and decentralizes many of the basic paradigms of traditional business models, yet, in such complexity, there is freedom to express who we are as complex and aware individuals.

Both, individuals and organizations have inspiration, ideas, knowledge, experiences, resources and passion. Thousands of people all around the world who are independent, but interconnect, enables them to collaborate as an “organism” with short “bursts” of energy to produce potentially higher outputs of “value” as they otherwise would be able to do as individuals.

Think the Unthinkable, Move the Immovable and Connect the Unconnected!

One notion is that elements connect to what is perceived to be the same (has the same properties), because it has the same ways of communication and can be recognized. Communication is determined by the way an element "thinks", and thinking determines what they do. The only difference is the circle-speed at which they do this. If we were birds or fish we would not be able to form a flock or shoal. Why; because our thinking ability is too slow, we are not formed to rely on a collective mind. Rather, our minds have evolutionized into specialisation/ individualisation to survive.

People who understand that trust is the basis to do business, and collaboration is the basis to create new business and opportunities - also invest their time connecting to others, building and deepening personal relationships by sharing their passion for ideas and opportunities. This is time consuming. It is not suitable for everyone, especially for those with less outward personalities or communication skills.

Therefore, I'm aiming to determine what we have in common in our thinking, to get a notion of where we can form a flock, a think tank or service cluster team, make our world a better place to live in and get connected. So, the quest for connecting the unconnected in humans can be done over what we have in common while striving to be different because it's our nature. We are differentiators yet communicators!

Working as a living Organism

Today, I am representing a virtual organization, a strategic alliance and a self-organizing system, which could be defined as a living organism. In the end of every nerve fiber there are well connected individuals, representing divergent networks, organizations and professional disciplines. These are connected with the nerve center, the mobile head office active between my shoulders in Helsinki and in the world wide web.

It is all about a fluid grouping of well connected professionals networking, interacting and operating all over the world in order to optimally address any task at hand.

It's unique in as a long-term, highly dynamic, multi-faceted, and key to our fellow partners’ and our clients’ individual success.

The mission is simply to assemble the best people and teams from our globally extensive networks, who can most efficiently achieve a client company’s business objectives as tailor made service cluster teams and think tanks.


We prefer to think of a name, thing, contemplation, reflection, idea or a concept as a stone dropped into a lake of ideas. Each 'stone' produces concentric ripples which spread out and intersect with other ripples, creating complex patterns of interference - which might be called chaos. It is the resonation of ideas with each other that interests us most of all.

It is in the spaces IN-BETWEEN the ripples the excitement lies!

Copyright 2008: Tom Merilahti (SICU)

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