BREAKING NEWS!: Burmese army(DKBA) attacks refugee camps and villages inside Thailand

DKBA soldiers burn down huts, detain villagers, loot property and shoots at villagers in Thailand

Following skirmishes on January 1st 2009 between soldiers from DKBA Battalions #999 and 907 and KNLA Battalion #103 in north-eastern Dooplaya District, DKBA troops crossed the Thai-Burmese border and have since been operating in and around Thai-Karen villages in Umphang District of Thailand's Tak province and harassing local villagers. This area also includes Noh Poe refugee camp, home to approximately 14,000 refugees from Burma, many of whom remain anxious about the ongoing military operations in the area and a potential attack on the camp.

On January 1st 2009, Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA) troops from Special Battalion #999 and Battalion #907, under the command of Na Kha Mway and Saw La Po, combined to attack the base of Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) Battalion #103, under the command of Htee Nay Shee, situated at Ta Htoo Gkyo along the Thai-Burma border inside Dooplaya District, Karen State. On the same day, the DKBA soldiers then entered Thailand near Gklaw Htaw village, Umphang District, and have since that time been operating in and around Thai-Karen villages in the area. These villages include: Gklaw Htaw, Kler Pa Doh, Htee Koh Nee, Gkoh Kee, Gka Neh Lay and Ya Wa Gklo.

On January 3rd 2009, DKBA and KNLA troops fought at a location inside Dooplaya District, near Gklaw Htaw (a nearby village on the Thai side of the border). After the fighting, DKBA soldiers withdrew at approximately 11:20 pm. As the DKBA troops were returning to their base at Tha Waw Thaw in Kawkareik township, Dooplaya District, they burnt down the farm field huts of the Thai-Karen residents of Gklaw Htaw. One local villager described the incident to KHRG:

"When they [DKBA soldiers] arrived in the Thai village of Gklaw Htaw, they detained villagers and ordered them to guide them to the location of [the camp of KNLA Battalion #103 in Dooplaya District]. They detained 11 or 12 villagers in the village... The villagers couldn't refuse, so they had to go and show them the location of [the KNLA camp]. When they arrived mid-way [to the KNLA camp in Dooplaya District], the [KNLA soldiers] saw them and shot at them... When the villagers ran away, the [KNLA] soldiers shot at the DKBA soldiers. A few of the [DKBA] soldiers got hurt, so they had to retreat. They [the DKBA soldiers] ordered the villagers to help them carry back their patients [the wounded soldiers]. When they arrived in the village, they released the villagers. But the villagers then had to find a car to deliver them [the DKBA] to [the DKBA base at] Tha Waw Thaw. This occurred on January 3rd 2009. When they [the DKBA soldiers] went on their return trip, they burnt down the villagers' huts that they saw. There was a lot of property in those huts that were burnt down by the DKBA."


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