This is an interpretation of a recent crop circle. Circles are impressively “cropping up” more regularly, clearly and in more detail. While there are multiple interpretations and opinions of each, allowing ourselves to be in communication with the source of their existence is empowering.

If 2012 is actually spiraling unfolding before our eyes and our consciousness is required, let’s open ourselves to the possibility of prophecy. One adjustment is in our relationship to our individual and collective belief system. The future implied by the 2012 prophecy is not initially believable. The good news is “believing” is not relevant to anything other than the believer. This occurs for people as a “knowing”. We don’t need to believe what we know.

The “G” or spiral is a Mayan symbol that refers to the creator. This has a close relationship with creation that is connected with the time-spiral. Time is mostly considered as linear, but in reality development is speeding up rapidly. This is due to the spiral of time, which goes along with the so called 9 underworlds. Every next stage of development is 20 times shorter than the previous one. For humanity each next stage corresponds with the next step in a process of an ever increasing separation from nature and our true origin:

5: from 100496 BC until 1/6/2012: cultural development
6: from 13/2/3114 BC until 1/6/2012: age of world religions
7: from 19/3/1756 until 1/6/2012: industrial age
8: from 10/8/1999 until 1/6/2012: disorientation and unbalance
9: from 16/9/2011 until 1/6/2012: completely illusionary world, false prophecies

This shows that all ages end at the same date: the 1st June 2012: a day of timelessness: As the development of an ever increasing separation is finished on this day, there is a real break-through of light. This means: either ego dissolves or life can’t be continued on planet earth: the “day of justice”, which actually relates to the separation of light and darkness, is a fact. After that the time-spiral continues in an outward direction. This is what the formation depicts and this has also been depicted in the following figure:

In this respect it should be noted that also on the 9th June 2008 a formation has been formed that depicted the end of the spiral of time. In that case the connection with the 1st June 2012 was achieved by a fully identical position of Venus as well as Mercury in the zodiac on both dates. Apart from that the segmentation of this formation in 48 and 50 segments turns out to correspond with 48 and 50 lunar months that also turns out to bring about the connection with Venus and Mercury respectively. This might suggest that also for this formation the lunar month is the key that connects the day of this formation with the end of the time-spiral on the 1st June 2012. This indeed is the case and in this case there is a direct relationship: the period from the 4th July 2009 until the end-date exactly equals 36 lunar months. This also exactly equals 3 Islamic years (1 Islamic year equals 12 lunar months).

The development of these ages has a close relationship with the Tun-cycle, the cosmic year of 360 days. In the formation we count 21 segments in each time-spiral. When we assume that the 21 segments of this formation symbolize 21 Tun, than its notable that 21 Tun exactly equal 21 x 360 / 29.5306 = 256 lunar months. So the cycle of 21 Tun is important with relation to the lunar month.

However there is also a relationship with 21 solar years with respect to the lunar month:

21 x 365.25 days = 7670 days

21 x 365 days = 7665 days

13 x 20 lunar months = 260 x 29.5306 = 7678 days

The period of 260 lunar months is important as it contains the numbers that are considered as the natural time in Maya-research, namely 13 and 20. So 260 lunar months approximately equal 21 year. When adding 7 x 7 = 49 lunar months, we get:

(260 + 49) x 29.5306 = 9124,96 days

25 x 365 days = 9125 days

This means that when the leap-days are abolished the lunar month is perfectly connected with the solar year, where 25 solar years equal 13 x 20 + 7 x 7 = 309 lunar months. There is a lot of evidence that indeed the very beginning of new age (2/6/2012) starts with a new calendar in which the leap days have been abolished despite the fact that this calendar drifts from the solar year (see ). This is a variant of the calendar that in Maya-research is known as the 13-moon-calendar.

Note that a swallow connects the “old world” with the “new world”. Swallows are migratory birds, which means they live in 2 completely different worlds during summer or winter. In this connection, also the two “worlds” before and after the break-through of light have to be considered as 2 completely different worlds, going together with a totally different way of living. By Marc Smulders - Crop Circle Connector.

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