Burning man Universal Sacrifice and Executioner

Burning manBurning man is a metaphor to the Universal Sacrifice, but also references the early followers of the Christian religion, burned as martyrs for their beliefs. This was done for entertainment by the Roman Caesars; particularly Nero. To understand the Universal Sacrifice and his executioner first requires an explanation to the psychological background of sacrifice and human’s subconscious desire to the deed. Investigate the political and economic benefits to providing a public sacrifice, openly performed in ancient Rome within the gladiatorial games. Who is who, the real identity of the Universal Sacrifice and what preserves him in the land of the living. Finally, scrutinize the mixed messages which both proclaim him as a hero and degrade him, as an unwanted child and social misfit. It needs to be understood, this is not a cultural phenomena, but a well planned and controlled political method of population control.



The attraction to sacrifice is based on historical evolutionary experiences but most importantly rooted in personal self salvation. To the individual, there is nothing personally wrong with sacrifice, as long as you are watching the event and not hanging from the gallows, on a sacrificial alter or tied to a burning stake. In fact, in historical times, executions were the most popular entertainment, and an extremely public and ritual event; equal to any religious experience. Entertainment in historical times was minimal, there would be music and some form of traditional dance but the big top, the main event always involved an execution of someone outside your group, tribe or developing culture.

In history when humans did not have access to an outside culture to execute, they found them from within, either someone marked by evil or in association, would be called upon for a sacrifice. Since America developed from a history that included witch burning, in metaphorical relationships, burning man fits into the cultural traditions and associated dark identities. Realize that either hearing in story, or seeing in image a sacrifice is equally as powerful as being at the event. This is because a story or picture would live on as infectious, invading the psyche of other primitive preModern humans.

PreModern 21st century humans have been culturally refined to the point where they find it distasteful to publicly burn someone outside their tribe. Although a secret desire still exists, in humans, and most importantly not be the apogee set aflame. This human desire continues on in popular culture, where it is weaved into every aspect of music, art and popular media. The stronger the reference to the Universal Sacrifice equals a greater attraction to the media, increasing its popularity. The connection between characters such as Jesus, Little Alex from Clockwork Orange, Black Dog, Burning Man or even Homer Simpson is rooted in a methodology of political control.

People are not easy to control and psychologically enslave; they require a set of tools to manage their behavior. These tools included both Homeric messages and a connected component of sacrifice. This is the only way less than 1% of the population can control 90% of the wealth. The first known use of this method of population control can be noted in the Greek epic poems the Iliad and the Odyssey. These stories were created in the 8th century BC, 850 years before Christ by a Greek called Homer. The poems were widely popular because they spoke of a leader, king and savor to come and free the population from the unjustness in there society and its controlling forces. Hence the political ideological messages are called Homeric.


The ruling parties in ancient Greece and throughout other lands found that if a population was waiting on a leader to come, or return and free them, this population could be more easily governed. In addition to having more of the public’s wealth removed by the leaders of the population. This political methodology was noted throughout the western world, and this technique of political control was utilized in the creation of the Abrahamic religions and entwined into the Old and New Testament. The Abrahamic religion added one additional factor to the subconscious Homeric message and it involved combining human’s desire for sacrifice; creating the Universal Sacrifice.

The Universal Sacrifice is a potent structure of political control, because it combines two forms, or tools of public control. It also transmits a psychological message which is, speaking out against the government, religion, media, justice system, or method of political control, could make you into the Universal Sacrifice. Remember subconsciously humans like to hear about sacrifice because it assured them, they were not to be the chosen one. Speaking out against a Homeric political system goes against human’s primitive attraction to sacrifice. This is a well built psychological deterrent to speaking out against a political system, and burning man is just one more reminder of your fate.

va_flagThe universal problem with the Universal Sacrifice occurred when he was given a real identity and a curse. The drafters of the United States knew the principles and ideology that literally Constitutes their forming country would fail at inception; slavery being just one paradigm. The founders answer was to place the Universal Sacrifice on the Virginia State Flag and include a warning or curse. The curse in the Virginia State flag is displayed in the ring of red berries. These fire berries are a metaphor to a ring of fire and a warning to the outcome of an executioner or killer of the Universal Sacrifice. This ring of fire warns that harming the Universal Sacrifice pictured on the Virginia State flag will result in being burned to death. The other thing worth mentioning about the fire berries is there number, which means more than one executioner will be burned alive. In fact if orders followed a chain of commands the fate would go all the way to the Roman emperor; imaged as Nero. Hence burning man stands out as both an apogee to the Universal Sacrifice and possibly a warning to the outcome of the identified executioners of the Universal Sacrifice.

Saint_Longinus bisilica rome

The executioner of Jesus in Abrahamic religion is noted as Saint Longinus commemorated in a giant marble statue in Saint Peter's Basilica, Vatican City. Longinus is noted as the Roman centurion that speared Jesus in the chest after being raised on the cross. His weapon was called the Spear of Longinus later associated and mixed with the Spear of Destiny, prominent in the Celtic pagan traditions. The Spear of Destiny is one of the four magical Celtic treasures. Its importance is significant because it appears in the hands of the Universal Sacrifice in the Virginia State Flag. The other thing to note in the picture is that the simple blue coat worn by the Universal Sacrifice resembles that of a Spartan child. These children were raised as soldiers, both beaten and starved and wore no tunic after the age of seven, only provided one coat to last them the whole year. Often the children went barefoot.

There is actually duality or a mixed message in the Universal Sacrifice, on one he is acclaimed as a hero and on the other ridiculed as a sacrifice. Mixed messages are important so the average 99.9% of the population does not completely understand the messages; or they would fail to work as a method of political control. The Universal Sacrifice is like having an unwanted child, and referenced as such in media like Harry Potter, Luke Skywalker, Denis the Menis or even Bart Simpson.

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