but cannot with light agent or shoes breast maintenance

with a white drawing rubber uppers first, and then with a clean soft cloth to wipe the rubber, then rubbed with white shoe Polish, dry brush repeatedly brush, then wipe with a soft cloth, the vamp look like new. Patent leather sandals is best day to wear patent leather surface layer resin, no sweating, if peep toes wrapped tighter patent leather sandals, dressed in a row can easily be contaminated, so the next day maintenance the best way to wear, do not wear the shoes in a ventilated place when blow drying. Patent leather Sandals  air jordan 3 retro uk points light patent leather and wrinkle patent leather two species, wrinkle patent leather is with neutral of resin paint made of, so easily fade, surface easily sucking water, conservation compared convenient, surface dust available wet cloth scrub clean, again with not up velvet of soft cloth wipe dry can, also available leather cleaning agent or clean

cream maintenance, but cannot with light agent or shoes breast maintenance, lightAgents can cause false coating loss and milk will make the shoe uppers butts. Light patent leather Sandals of clean don't with wet cloth or soft hair brush, or soon on can see uppers Shang of designated marks, should select old stockings, texture soft of things wipe, cannot with washing, if shoes lane wet has, application dry cloth miles sucking to shoes of water Hou, put in cool ventilation at, let shoes natural dried, do don't put wet has  air jordan 1 retro uk of shoes put in Sun Xia exposure, otherwise will makes shoes surface lost gloss, and cracked, this on patent leather Sandals for is not repair of "mortally wounded". Also do not use dryers or blow dry, or leather-hollowing, prone to cracking. Scrub brush take care of this kind of sandal Sandals need to glue is not very dirty, flannel gently wipe the stain, rubbing

in the same direction, make the texture smooth. Uppers are dirty, such as dry mud stain, nor with an ordinary brush wipe, which can damage the nubuck Suede,Lead to bare uppers, affects artisticly. Can be found in large supermarkets a brush similar to the rubber rubber cleaning brushes (scientific name is called "special rubber brush for nubuck leather"), use the cleaning brush to clean nubuck leather top of dirt and nubuck leather and powder spray of the same color, such as black, white, transparent spray several times, upper restore a sense of luxurious. Nubuck leather sandal, such as dry, scrub surface with coarse sandpaper, and down again, sandals like new shoes. If we use special rubber brush for nubuck leather brush, still unable to get rid of stubborn stains, cleaning preparation may, on their own in about

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